It’s the Weekend!

Whew, another week in the books!  I don’t know why, but this week has dragged on for me.  It doesn’t help that it’s a bazillion degrees outside (it hasn’t been that bad, but we’ve had humidity…like 40 percent, which means it’s no longer a “dry heat”) and we’re stuck in the house all the live long day.  Cabin fever has definitely set in and it’s only July…puke.  I had planned to have a fun furniture re-do post for today, but a certain someone decided to stay up way past his bedtime and I have zero energy to do that at the moment.  Anywho, onto a review of my week.  (Sorry for the crummy photos.  My cell phone is not up to par.)

Dill Pickle Wheat Thins

1.  The hubby did the Walmart (we don’t have a Target here…*sniff sniff*) run for us the other night and brought these home.  He said they were alright, but I apparently fell hard for them because I ate over half the box that night.  But they’re 100% whole grain, so it’s ok…right?

Air Hockey

2.  These guys love playing air hockey after swim lessons every day.  Pretty sure my little man was meant to play this game.  He’s got great hand-eye coordination and pretty much rocks at this game.

Noah at Pool

2.5.  Here’s my littlest stud hangin’ pool side.  He seriously gets cuter every day.

Allison Swim Lessons

3.  Here’s my little lady in the middle of her swim lessons.  This is her first year taking them and she’s doing SO WELL!  In fact, last night was testing night and she PASSED and is moving up to the next level!  I’m so stinkin’ proud of her.  I think I’m more excited than she is.  She can now hold her breath for 5 seconds under water, float on back and front unassisted, go off the low dive all by herself and much more…she rocks!  She starts the next level next week and I CAN’T WAIT to see her in action again.

Kitchen Window Problems

4.  The baby is down to one nap a day, which is about 1.5-2 hrs in length, which means I can get a little bit more done during that time.  I decided to paint the ugly green wall in the kitchen and came to find that the paint/drywall is all crumbling away.  Lovely.  Needless to say, I left it alone for now and painted around it.  It’s hidden behind the blinds, so I’ll deal with that another day.  I have other plans for this area anyway, so I don’t want to invest a lot of time into something so temporary.


5.  Some nights he’s in bed by 8:30pm and others, it’s not until almost midnight.  This is my view when he’s up late.  He’s obsessed with the weather.  Whenever it comes on, he’s right there to watch.  Maybe he just really digs the hot weather lady?

How was your week?

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It’s the Weekend!

It’s been a while since I’ve done a week in review.  I’ve kind of missed it.  Simple, easy post just to recap the week…I like that :)  And now that Parenthood has ended the season, I have Thursday evenings free.  I’m so addicted to that show.  I hope it’s renewed for another season, or I might go into a major depression.  If I lived in TV land, I’d totally be part of that family.  Anyway, back to business.

AZ Morning Sky

1.  The baby loves to be outside.  So, each day at around 6:30am (he’s such an early bird), this is our view.


2.  Speaking of the little guy, here he is partying it up with me one night.  He’s got so much hair and it’s fun to give him a mohawk.  He kinda rocks it ;)  And yes, he is wearing Christmas jammies.  We love Christmas anytime of the year.

Lisa Laundry

3.  This is me….no make-up, hair pulled back and doing laundry.  I lead such a glamorous life.  But hey, at least I’m wearing a shirt that doesn’t have food or drool on it…score!


4.  He loves to play in the laundry while I’m folding it.  He may or may not be doing the lift-up position for other reasons…ahem, if you catch my drift.

Chocolate Cake

5.  I’ve been craving chocolate cake for a couple of days and have zero sweets in the house and no ice cream.  It’s like I’m in prison and it’s probably a sin to not have either of those in the house, especially at the same time.  So, the kiddos and I made one of these yesterday.  I posted the recipe in a previous post (here).  I’m sure this will help me get back into shape too.  I’m pathetic.

How was your week?

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It’s the Weekend!

Shoe Organizer

1.  I rarely buy furniture new, but I knew I would probably never find something like this used.  It’s a shoe organizer I bought off of Amazon (here) and it is seriously the best thing ever.  It holds 20-30 pairs of shoes and is very slim.  We needed something to keep our shoes off the floor in case any little critters decide to sneak in the house and this is perfect!  AND apparently Amazon has a ‘used’ category.  I was a little hesitant that it would be damaged, but it was only the box that had a couple of tears.  I saved $30…score.

Flat Tire Indicator

2.  My flat tire indicator was on in my van when I went to run errands…not impressed.  Thankfully I didn’t need to make a mad dash to the hospital or anything.

Hole in Wall

3.  I guess you could say I’m nesting.  I decided to rip down 2 towel racks and the toilet paper holder in our master bathroom and move them to the kids’ bath.  These giant dime-sized holes were left behind.  Lots of patching and painting now.

Reese's Puffs Cereal

4.  These are amazing.  I’ve had them before, but had a real craving for them this week.  I eat them straight out of the box and they taste just like a scotcheroo bar to me.

Boy with a Baby

5.  If you’re a little brother to a big sister, you will most likely wear barrettes in your hair and carry around a doll.  He’ll be a good daddy when he grows up ;)

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