A Veteran’s Day Parade

Happy Veteran’s Day and a HUGE thank you to all the veterans and their service to our country!

I’ve had all the kiddos at home with me since late Friday morning.  It’s been glorious, for the most part.  We took in a parade on Saturday morning, which was suuuuper long (2 hours), but a lot of fun and nice to get outside and enjoy our 80 degree temps.  We’ve been waiting for this :D

Teething Noah

This little guy has been a teething monster.  Everyone has been having a blast with this.  I mean, he’s in pain and very irritable and the hubby and I are unable to do much of anything.  There may or may not have been late night parties that involved crying from all parties.  He was also up at 1am and finally fell asleep on the couch at 3am.  Good thing he’s cute or I might lose my cool.

Mini Ponies

After being up for an unplanned 2 hours the night before, who wouldn’t want to take in a parade at 10am?  Might as well, since sleep is just not in the cards.

Kids and Flags

Patiently waiting for the parade to begin.

Camel Me and the Kids Mini Semi

Mini Semi 2 Jesse and the Kids Shriners

The hubby was super excited to see the Shriner’s.  They are pretty dang cool!  We all loved the little show they put on in the parade.  Such a fun group!  Pretty sure the hubby will be one when he’s old and retired ;)

Me and the Kids 2 Pom Ladies

These are the POMS.  Seriously?!  If I am privileged enough to live long enough to see my 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, or even 100’s, I’m definitely joining this group of ladies (insert whistles)!  I’ve always wanted to be a back-up dancer and since that didn’t happen, this is as close as I will get.  These ladies were rockin’ it like nobody’s business!

My Boys

While the girl and I were at church, these two goofballs got to party it up with daddy for a couple of hours.  Cutest kids I know!  They love to play in our vehicles.


We ended Saturday evening by roasting hot dogs and marshmallows.  This is our first campfire at this house and we’ve been here almost a year and a half.  I have a feeling we’ll be doing a lot of this this winter :)

A Weekend Recap – Haircuts and Sand

Isn’t it just so easy to post pics to Instagram and type a little blurb instead of writing a little ol’ blog?!  I love writing blog posts, but have found that time isn’t on my side lately.  I still can’t believe it’s November already.

Noah (711x533)

This little guy loves music.  We had to test out a cd he got for his birthday and he was so excited to get his grubby, little paws on that archaic machine you see there.

Liam (653x490)

Here’s my 3 year old helping daddy with some plumbing issues.  Clearly, he’ll never be a plumber…no crack.

Allison Haircut (368x490)

This one saw me cutting her brother’s hair and wanted hers cut too.  I asked her how she wanted it cut and all she said was “short”.  I took about 4″ off and she said, “No mom, short.”  Sorry sister, this is plenty for me.  Love it.

Park (653x490)

So we went from like 90 degrees one day to the 70’s the next and it is amaaaaazing.  I now remember why we live here.

Noah Swinging (368x490)

Is it me or does he look a lot older lately?

Liam in Sun (368x490)

This one realized I was taking a photo of him and decided to run away.

Liam Running (368x490)

He hates having his picture taken.

Park Fun (653x490)

She and daddy dug a hole and buried her legs up to her knees.

Park Fun 2 (653x490)

I think my kids could live at the park.  We have so many to choose from in our neck of the woods and I’m thankful for that.  I anticipate we’ll be at the park a lot this “winter” ;)


That Time We Drove To San Diego And Didn’t Die

Long time, no chat.  We’ve been a little occupied with vacations, anniversaries, birthdays and well, life around here.  I’m finally getting around to posting pics from our trip to San Diego last week.  This is the first vacation we’ve taken in over two years. Also, our first as a family of five.  I didn’t take the “good” camera because duh, I have like a million kids to look after and I didn’t want to lug a giant camera around.  Soooo, point and shoot it is.

IMG_2757 (1280x960)

It’s roughly a 5.5 hour drive from our place to San Diego, which isn’t too bad.  If it were any longer, I’d probably poke my eyes out.  It’s hard traveling with youngsters.  The older two did very well.  I was only asked 1.789 million times if we were there yet :)  The baby did alright too.  Only about an hour and a half of crying…there and on the way back.  I can’t blame the lad though.  I absolutely hate car rides.  It wasn’t so bad this time.  Maybe I’m getting over it?  OR maybe all 3 of them fell asleep for like an hour and I got to read trashy magazines ;)  Breaks around here are few and far between these days.  Oh ya, and we stopped at the halfway point (Yuma, AZ) to get McD’s.  Happy Meals and ice cream cones because hey, we’re on vacation.

IMG_2758 (960x1280)

IMG_2759 (960x1280) IMG_2760 (1280x960)  IMG_2763 (960x1280)

At a quick glance, it kind of looks like that’s his face.  See?  Even he gets into the Hollywood trash.

IMG_2764 (960x1280)

I packed lots of activities for the kiddos to do.

IMG_2765 (960x1280)

Each one lasted like 5 minutes.

IMG_2769 (1280x960)

Bored.  Obviously.

IMG_2771 (1280x960)

This is the only way to travel with kids.  Thanks to good ole Tom and Jerry for saving the day.

IMG_2772 (960x1280)

“I’m bored outta my skull, so I’m gonna poke myself.”

IMG_2774 (960x1280)


IMG_2775 (960x1280)

Woot.  We’re here.  This was the most exciting part of “holiday”.  My kids call it that instead of vacation.  Thanks Peppa Pig.  I think they couldn’t have cared less if we left the hotel or not.  It was definitely the highlight of their trip.

Hotel Inside

This is a view from our hotel room down to the lobby area.  We stayed on the 11th floor. There were 12 floors total.  It was the hubby’s idea, which was great until you had to wait for the elevator at 9am on a Sunday when everyone and their grandma is checking out of the hotel.  I was so parched and famished by the time we got down there for breakfast.

IMG_2789 (1280x960)  IMG_2791 (960x1280)  IMG_2795edited (853x1280) (2)

Love this pic of me and my littlest :)

IMG_2796 (1280x960)

We took in the San Diego Zoo on Saturday and this is how the little guy hung out.  He’s got it made.

IMG_2798 (1280x960)

Me and my little beings!

IMG_2799 (1280x960) IMG_2801 (1280x960) IMG_2802 (1280x960) IMG_2803 (1280x960) IMG_2805 (1280x960) IMG_2808 (1280x960) IMG_2810 (1280x960)  IMG_2813 (1280x960) IMG_2817 (960x1280)

The polar bears were by far my most favorite part of the zoo.  That and the fact that they had a “baby station” to change/feed/nurse your baby.

IMG_2825 (1280x960)

Love this view.  I could live there.  My dad said he wouldn’t live there if they gave him a house for free.  Heck, I’d pay for a house if I could afford it.  I wonder if he’d visit me if I moved there?  There is something about the sound of the ocean that is so calming and peaceful.


Yup.  Four of these puppies went home with me.  No amount of money could keep me from buying them.  Worth.Every.Single.Penny.

IMG_2828 (960x1280) IMG_2829 (960x1280)

Kiddos on Beach

These two were beyond excited to get to the beach to build sand castles.  The next time we go back, cancel the zoo and go straight to the beach.  The temps were unseasonably warm this time around (in the 80’s), so it was absolutely enjoyable.  The water was a bit nippy for us to go swimming, but there were others that braved the cold.

IMG_2832 (960x1280) IMG_2836edited (960x1280) (960x1280)   IMG_2840 (960x1280)

‘Beach baby, beach baby there on the sand…’

IMG_2841 (1280x960)

Take a guess.

IMG_2842 (1280x960)

We were able to collect lots of seashells.

IMG_2843 (1280x960)

We told them that they should look for buried treasure.  ‘X’ marks the spot!

IMG_2845 (1280x960)

Well, look-y there!  GOLD COINS!!  It was their lucky day :)

IMG_2846 (1280x960)

While grocery shopping the first night we got there, I saw the Peppa Pig dvd and just had to buy it.  It was a life saver.  It entertained the older two while driving around San Diego and almost the entire trip home.  They love this pig.

We also took in Sea Port Village, ate a nice lunch at The Fish Market (thanks to my friend Jackie for the recommendation!) and did a little shopping.  The kids are already begging to go back :)