My Girl Turned Six Years Old

_MG_3397 (853x1280)

It was bound to happen sooner or later.  I now have a 6 year old.  In case you weren’t aware, that requires two hands to show everyone who asks how old you are.  It’s kind of a big deal.

_MG_3392 (1280x853)

_MG_3393 (1280x853) _MG_3400 (1280x853)

I used to go all fancy with ribbons, bows and cards.  Now?  Sharpie to the rescue. Classy, I know.  If we had a fourth child, I probably wouldn’t even bother with wrapping paper.  Target bags would suffice.  OR maybe I could just put everything in a pile and cover it with a blanket.

_MG_3403 (1280x853)

Gosh, she really is my child.  PROUD :-)

_MG_3404 (853x1280)


_MG_3410 (853x1280)


_MG_3414 (853x1280)

Someone is always up to something around here.

_MG_3419 (1280x853) _MG_3423 (853x1280) _MG_3425 (853x1280)

Her first pair of ER visit thingamabobs roller-blades!

_MG_3427 (853x1280) _MG_3429 (1280x853) _MG_3431 (853x1280) _MG_3432 (1280x853) _MG_3439 (853x1280)

‘She says she wants a picture.  Oh, I’ll give her a picture alright.  How’s this mom? You like the way I stab my cake and give it the death stare?’ ~ Thoughts by Allison???

_MG_3442 (853x1280) Peter Piper Pizza - 3 (367x489)

Since her birthday was on Easter weekend, we didn’t celebrate with friends until the weekend after.  She was so excited to invite school friends to her party!  They all had such a great time :-)

Peter Piper Pizza - 7 (367x489) Peter Piper Pizza - 4 (400x533) Peter Piper Pizza - 5 (367x489)

Whenever I ask this kid what is favorite part of anything is, he always replies with, “I wike da pop and food da best.”  Just like me, the kid loves food.  I heart him so much.

Peter Piper Pizza - 6 (367x489)

Sometimes you just want to hang out at Peter Piper and eat your ice cream on the table.  Oh and he may or may not have been swinging the light fixture above his head right before this.

Easter 2015 - 2 (489x489)

This little guy screamed his head off after he found this basket that the bunny had left at our house.  Also, his poor nose ;(  He took a little spill in the dirt and although it looks pretty banged up, he cried for all of a minute and was back to playing again. Tough little soldier.

Easter 2015 (367x489)

Here are the big kids before the egg hunt in our community.  They both collected tons of eggs.  I don’t think my little lady could have had a better weekend.  We all had a terrific time celebrating her birth and Easter.  Cheers to getting back to normal and slower times now.  ;)

Getting Ready for Easter

_MG_3334 (853x1280)

Let’s just say that when it rains at our house, it pours.  Actually and figuratively speaking.  It all started with that shoe on the wall.  Oh wait, nope, wrong story.  Dr. Seuss wrote that one.  It all started with the girl getting pink eye and a cold, which trickled down to each one of us one by one.  Now, I’ve never experienced death, but I think it may have been touch and go for a bit.  I had to call the hubby to come home for part of the day because I was so bad off.  I can deal with a lot, so you know it’s bad if I had to call for reinforcement.  On top of all the sickness, we were getting company for a week, so needless to say, it was a disaster around here.  Hot dogs and frozen pizza for all!

_MG_3346 (853x1280)

It rarely rains in the desert.  But when it does, the kids beg to jump in the puddles. There are seriously like two puddles to jump in when it’s done raining.  Now two puddles and three kids just begs for a fight.  Hence the reason this fella looks less than thrilled.

_MG_3340 (853x1280) _MG_3343 (853x1280) _MG_3349 (853x1280)

He just had to taste the rain water.  Sure, why not kid.  I probably would’ve rushed the first one to the doctor to make sure she didn’t ingest any sort of germs, but with the third kid, we’ll call it a sip of water.  Heck, maybe he even ate some dirt.  We could call that lunch.

_MG_3353 (1280x853) _MG_3354 (1280x853) _MG_3356 (1280x853)

Since we were less than productive for about a month, I figure it was about time to get the kids excited for Easter.  Growing up, one of my grandmas would always let us help her decorate an Easter tree.  This is probably the cheapest/easiest craft you could do.  It cost me a whopping $4.

_MG_3357 (1280x853)

Step 1:  Cut branches from your tree in the backyard.

_MG_3358 (1280x853)

Step 2:  Spray paint said branches white and let dry overnight.

_MG_3368 (1280x853)

Step 3:  Place the branches in some sort of vase/bucket that is tall enough and sturdy enough.

_MG_3369 (1280x853)

Step 4:  Have the kids decorate the tree with the Dollar Tree eggs and let the fighting begin because someone got to hang the green and yellow egg and they didn’t.

_MG_3372 (1280x853) _MG_3373 (853x1280)

And there you have it…an Easter Tree.  Clever, huh?

Getting Back to Painting

Happy Friday!  I’ve been somewhat laid up after injuring my toe from the half marathon I ran (here).  It’s been almost two weeks since I’ve been able to put on close-toed shoes.  It sounds pathetic.  I get it.  It seriously hurts so badly though.  I haven’t been able to run since then, which is both good and bad.  It’s freed up quite a bit of time for me and I’ve gotten back to painting (woot!).  On the other hand, I feel sluggish during the day from not working out.  I can’t wait to get back to my normal routine.  BUT, until then, I am LOVING all that is getting done around our humble abode :)

_MG_3211 (853x1280)

I picked up this little shutter for a couple of bucks a few months back.  It will look super cute painted white and will go in the master bedroom, I believe.

_MG_3219 (853x1280)

Because I just can’t leave things alone, I decided to throw some paint up on the wall.  It really helps motivate me when I do this.  Having a spot like this on the wall will drive me a little crazy, so I tend to get the task done a lot sooner.  It used to drive the hubby nuts, but we’ve been married almost 10 years and he just kind of goes with the flow now.  It’s a white-ish/cream-ish color.  Very neutral and basic.  I like it.

_MG_3230 (1280x853)

Say what?!  Am I painting everything???  Why yes.  Yes, I am.  And I like it. This will be a dresser for my Little Miss’s room.  She wasn’t a fan when I told her what I was doing, but now that it’s going white, she’s warming up to the idea.  It will be a space saver in her room.  The hubby is fully on-board with this one because he likes floor space.  Win-win :)

_MG_3223 (1280x853)

When I’m not painting or doing home projects, I’ve been playing outside (and pulling loooots of weeds) with the kiddos.  This January has been so gorgeous.  I love it.  Life is good.

_MG_3242 (1280x853) _MG_3241 (853x1280) _MG_3239 (1280x853) _MG_3234 (1280x853) _MG_3243 (853x1280)

The kiddos got these easels from my mom and dad for Christmas.  They get used so much throughout the day.  Great gifts!  This one is writing with his left hand here, but he also uses his right hand at times.

_MG_3246 (853x1280)

He mostly uses his right hand when he eats though, so I’m guessing he’ll be right hand like his brother.  And yes, I did just give him the entire container of ice cream to eat out of.  I have no excuse, I just let him do it.  My house, my rules ;)

Well, that’s what I’ve been up to.  I can’t wait to post pics of all my projects completed.  Hopefully sooner than later.  The bathroom has been all prepped and the first coat of paint goes on tomorrow (would’ve been tonight, but Parenthood was on….pass the tissues please).  It’s a 90% chance of rain kind of day, so we’ll be stuck inside.  Sounds like a perfect day for painting :)  Have a great weekend and Go Seachickens Seahawks!  (I’m a Broncos fan, but they obviously didn’t make it.)  Oh ya, and the Super Bowl is here in Phoenix, so I’m locking myself inside to avoid the sea of people.  Yey for being an introvert!