The New Norm

Good Morning Peeps!  Hope all is well in your neck of the woods :)  Since my little lady has started Kindergarten, we’ve all been adjusting to a new routine.  We’re on week 3 of this whole school thing and it’s been going rather smoothly.

Sleepy Baby (276x490)

This is how I get to wake up every morning.  Be jealous ;)  He’s the best little snuggle bug and I can’t stand when the alarm goes off before he wakes up, which is usually only once or twice a week.  He’s generally always up by 6-6:30am…yawn.

unnamed (300x533)

After we drop the little lady off at school, my little guys and I get to go on our run.  I’m in heaven!  I haven’t got to do this for a looooong time (like 11months).  I don’t mean that I haven’t ran in 11 months, but I haven’t been able to workout during the day, outside for 11 months because you can’t fit 3 kids in a double-jogger. It’s super easy and I’m lovin’ it. Just throw them in and take off.  Don’t get me wrong, I do miss having the big girl at home with me, but she’s loving school and it was a super easy transition for both of us.  Win-win :) Oh, and she gets her shot at it on the weekends when the hubbs is here to supervise the lone wolf that got left behind.

Water in Wash (276x490)

We’ve had quite a bit of rain over the past couple of weeks, which led to lots of standing water, which led to lots of tiny, annoying bugs flying all up in my face (they may or may not end up in my mouth…if they do, it’s considered protein), which led to high humidity, which led to breakouts, which led to join pain.  I love me a good rain, but I’m not liking the aftermath of it.  Like they say, we have a dry heat down here in the desert.  This humidity is killing me.  I forgot how much I dislike it.

Running (276x490)

After I’ve completed my run, I let this little terror guy out for his run.  I even found him some running shorts this weekend that were “just like mommy’s”.  He’s cute ;)

Checking the Mail (276x490)

We have 3 clusters of mailboxes in our neighborhood and we have to stop at each of them at least once.  Oh, and that’s his wallet that he insisted on bringing with him.  We always try to find money when we’re out.  Most of the time, we’re unsuccessful, but we did find a 1 dollar bill on Saturday – woot woot!

Checking the Mail 2 (276x490)

Aaaand, more mailboxes.  Shirt optional.

Checking the Mail 3 (276x490)

Sorry dude, my keys don’t work there ;)

Grocery Shopping (276x490)

Here’s one of us grocery shopping.  Again, super easy.  The baby looks like he’s about to lay down in the cart.  He saw bright lights above and was in a trans.  I never let him sit in the cart, so this was like the first time really.  I generally carry him.  Not for the germ factor like you think, but more so that I get an arm workout.  Fit it in while you can, right?

On another note, these pics of the kiddos are cute, but the quality is pretty much garbage. I never thought I’d rely on my phone so much for pics when out and about, but I do.  I’m in the mood for an upgrade, but we’ll see what happens.  The van needed maintenance last weekend, so we’re already on the ramen noodle budget.  It’s not something I would consider if I didn’t have kids, but I really want to have good quality memories, not fuzzy ones.  A good picture is worth so much to me.  Also, I can no longer use the Map My Run app on my phone.  Sigh.  It’s just not powerful enough anymore.  Sooo, that’s what we’re up to.  How are you?

Furniture Friday – A Makeover of a TV Stand

Happy Friday!  After taking a week off from doing anything remotely productive around here, I’m back at it (thank goodness!).

TV Stand

The hubby brought home this little tv stand/printer cart-thingy from work one day.  It was going to be placed in the trash, but he knew I could do something with it (free furniture is better than flowers any day).  This is how it looked after I sanded it down using 60 grit sandpaper.  It’s a VERY sturdy piece of furniture, but was still covered in that shiny, laminate stuff.

TV Stand 2

I basically sanded, primed and painted it.  I normally don’t use primer because I buy the paint that has primer mixed in, but I used “oops” paint I got on discount at HD and it was not paint + primer.  It took 1 coat of primer and 3 coats of paint.  That wood was daaaaaark.

Gray and White TV Stand

Voila!  A pretty simple, straightforward little project to do on the weekend or in the evenings while watching reruns of Home Improvement (still LOVE that show).

Gray and White TV Stand 3

I thought about selling it, but I need some shelving in the office closet.  So, I’ll be hanging onto it for now.

Office - Before

Speaking of the office…I’ve been busy with it too.  Can you say disaster (I spy Dilbert!)?! I’ve been working on this room for weeks.  It’s finally painted and furniture is being moved back, BUT I’m in the mood to paint the furniture too.  It’s all very dark and I’m going light people.  Sooo, it might be a little while before I’m able to finish it up.  I don’t know though. I’ve really been in the painting mood.  It’s easier to do during the day now because my little lady is in school and it’s just me and the 2 little boys.

I am so looking forward to having a place where I can be productive.  It’s hard to sit on the laptop downstairs, in front of the tv, eating bon-bons and get stuff done.  I really do need a designated space where I don’t have to put away my “mess” every time and then drag it all out again.

Office - Before 2

Yup, looks like the closet threw up.  Hence the need for some shelving to organize.  I think this tv stand will serve its purpose just fine in there.  Don’t you think?  AND it’s painted to match that little bookshelf you see in the corner.  It’s like it’s meant to be ;)

Have a great weekend!

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My Little Man Turned 3!

My second born, middle man, little buddy turned the BIG 3 last Friday!  It still blows my mind that it’s been 3 years since he was born…time flies!  I’ll never forget that he came a day late…turd.  Cute turd though.  Still, a day late…won’t let him live it down.

He went from wanting a party, to not wanting a party and then 2 weeks before, back to wanting a party again.  First, he wanted a Thomas the Train party.  Soooo, I ordered the Thomas pinata.  Then he wanted a minion (Despiable Me) party.  Be danged if I’m going to return the Thomas pinata, so we had a minion party with a Thomas pinata.  Whatev.

_MG_2488 (1280x853)

His actual birthday was on Friday and he was begging for a chocolate cake.  I promised him that he and I would make one while his sister was in school on Thursday.  It was a perfect little project for us to do together, just the two of us while his little brother napped. Oh and that’s a stick on the counter.  I’ve learned that the outdoors always comes inside with this guy.  Rocks and sticks…they’re everywhere.

_MG_2490 (1280x853)

Of course he was so excited to not have to share any of the tasks with his sister.  He got to do everything all by himself.  He was in his glory :)

_MG_2494 (1280x853)

Love the imperfections…makes me happy :)

_MG_2495 (853x1280)

As per our family tradition, a giant doughnut with his name on it was in order.  The hubby took the day off to celebrate our little man.  One thing my son has been BEGGING me to do is ride in his daddy’s car.  His sister got to do it once and he has yet to forget that.  So, he rode in daddy’s car to the doughnut shop.  It’s the simple things.  They must have thought that he was stinkin’ cute (duh, he is) because they gave him a sprinkle doughnut and a bunch of doughnut holes for free.  I’m bringing him to Starbucks…free coffee maybe?

_MG_2510 (1280x853) _MG_2515 (1280x853)

Love this crazy bunch.

_MG_2526 (853x1280)

The hubby says he never sleeps…psht.

_MG_2532 (853x1280) _MG_2537 (1280x853)

We had a birthday party with a bunch of his friends on Saturday and I decided to start preparing the night before.  Leave it to me to wait until the last minute.  Just like in school, I work best under pressure.  I think it turned out pretty cute though.

_MG_2540 (1280x853)_MG_2544 (1280x853)

Fun, little parting gifts of bagged popcorn.

_MG_2547 (1280x853)

Minions in the making.

_MG_2548 (1280x853)

Whoop whoop…not a flop!

_MG_2552 (853x1280)

The front door to our abode.

_MG_2553 (853x1280)

I even made him a minion shirt.  I had to force it on him and make him wear it.  Don’t worry, he’ll never remember and he’ll see this pic and think that I’m an awesome mom. He’s 3 and we don’t remember anything before age 5, so I’m good.  I promise.  Oh ya, and see what he’s holding there?  Ya, it almost made it inside.  If that one would’ve made it through the dryer…mmmm.

_MG_2555 (1280x853) _MG_2556 (1280x853)

I also forced convinced the hubby to fill 200 water balloons for me.

_MG_2557 (1280x853)

Bubbles a.k.a. Anti-Gravity Serum.

_MG_2560 (1280x853)

Thomas has got some junk in his trunk.  Poppin’ wheelies on the table.  We’re bad.

_MG_2596 (853x1280) _MG_2608 (1280x853) _MG_2639 (1280x853) _MG_2646 (853x1280) _MG_2647 (853x1280)

One drawback to being the “photographer” in the family, is that I’m never in pictures.  I really want to be in more pics so my kids remember that I was actually there to celebrate with them.  I hope I live to be like 103, but if the Lord chooses me to go sooner, then I want my kiddos to have pics to remember me by.  Too morbid??  The hubby snapped this one of me and the birthday boy…awe.  I don’t even care if I’m a mess from running around all the live long day or if he’s not even the slightest bit interested in having his picture taken. Or that I’ve got crows feet and am getting older every minute.  That’s life baby.

Also, birthday parties are a lot to plan.  Like a lot, a lot.  I pretty much complain about it as much as I can.  I won’t even try to deny it.  I know going into it that it’s all worth it in the end and I just love the happiness it brings my kiddo, yet I still complain.  The party went off without a hitch and everyone seemed to have had a blast though, so yey for that.  I couldn’t have asked for a better group of friends for my kids to play with…they all rocked!

**I prefer not to publish pics of other people’s kids on the world wide web, so you’ll just have to trust me that they were there and I’m not just a crazy lady who does this for just the 5 of us ;)