Sometimes We’re Productive

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I forgot to post pics of this cool little ride-on toy the Little Man got for his b-day from us. This thing goes pretty fast and has warnings not to use on a hill.  I bought it several months ago at half off and almost forgot about it.  He loves it and so does Kid #1.  Now if they only had one in my size ;)

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We were at Target the other day and they had this double stroller on clearance for half off (I am seriously all about the clearance deals!). We I hemmed and hawed about it and finally decided it would be a wise investment.  We get to the checkout and it was 75% off!  So glad I picked it up.  The kids both love it and push each other around the house.  I do have a double jogging stroller, which works great for running and the zoo.  It is VERY heavy though and tough to load in and out of the van. This umbrella stroller is so light-weight and easy to fold down.  Glad the Clearance Gods were on my side that day ;)

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We’e been doing minor adjustments around the house and so we constantly have tools laying around (not like power tools, so don’t worry Mom and Sister).  I caught Little Man “fixing” the door.

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We got some shelves hung in Little Miss’s room.  Her room has been pink and brown since the nursery days (over 4 years ago) and when we finally moved I was super pumped to ditch that and go with hues of violet.  She tells me she doesn’t want to paint and loves the pink.  Sigh…  She is not a fan of change let me tell you.  This girl likes everything old and change doesn’t not come easy for her.  Maybe her Grandma can convince her when she comes next month???  (HINT HINT Mom ;-) )

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Here’s my Stud drilling holes into a stud (I’m hilarious) to hang a curtain rod.

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I love this nautical wheel my mom picked up for me at a garage sale up in ND.  I had it hanging in Little Man’s nursery at the old house and definitely wanted to hang it here in the new house.  Someday I’ll get around to finishing all this decorating and actually take some pics for you all to see…someday.

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Sometimes they actually get along and play nicely together when we’re getting stuff done on the weekends.  It’s a blessing.  Oh and did you notice that one of them is dressed?!  It’s hard to keep clothes on my kids…a battle not worth fighting.

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This will be the office/toy room…mostly office.  It’s the only room in the house that hasn’t really been touched.  It’s been my goal every weekend to tackle it and it hasn’t happened.  Oh, and the sea-foam green color is killing me.  I did manage to get 3 boxes unpacked in here this week, so I’m not a total failure.

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This is a picture of our nightly sky.  It is so beautiful and peaceful out here away from the “big city”.  I could never get a picture this great from our old house because of all the background noise (city lights/street lights/smog).  I can almost hear a wolf howling at it, can’t you?

Conversation between the hubby and me last night:

Me:  “Would you please water that plant way up there for me?”
Hubby:  “I hate that plant.  I’m going to throw it away.”
Me:  “You only have to water it when I’m pregnant.”
Hubby:  “You’re always pregnant.”
Me:  “Well, you should keep your pants on.”

We have great conversations at our house.  I think we’re both ready for the baby to come…down to the last month now :-)

This weekend will hopefully be a productive one.  It seems like there is so much to do with a new house that we can never get ahead.  Usually we’re crossing one thing off the list and adding five.  I wouldn’t change it for the world…I love our new house (minus the infestation of wildlife/bugs).  I do hope some of the maintenancy stuff dwindles down so we can focus on fun things like painting/crafting/decorating.  Who am I kidding??  I will have a newborn to take care of.  Meh, it’s the third child…I’ve got this down ;)  How will you spend your weekend?

BTW – Next week I hope to have a recipe posted for each day of the week.  Gasp!  You think I can do it?  I’ve been on a cooking/baking spree this week and some of the recipes are definitely worth sharing.  I made some chicken terriyaki that will rock your world (I heart food.).  You’re welcome :)

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