It’s the Weekend!

.New Library

1.  We ventured to the library in our new town.  Don’t know if I’ll ever go back because the security guard smelled of alcohol and got a little too close to the kids for my comfort.

Rolled Up Rug

2.  My son rolls up the rugs in our house and leaves them there for me to put back.  It happens daily.  Liam was here :-)

Motorcycle Liam Batmobile Allison

3.  The Walmart in our town has an arcade.  This is dangerous…for the hubby mostly.

Crafternoon 08-08-13

4.  I love having Crafternoons with the kiddos.  #getcreative


5.  I found buttons on clearance for $0.10.  I love a good deal.  Must find time to craft again.

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  1. The kiddos are wonderful! They look like they enjoy their crafter noons and I know you do also. Everyone looks like they are enjoying their new home!

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