10 Random Things About Me

  1. I always heat my dish of ice cream in the microwave for 14 seconds.  Never more, never less…then stir until it’s like soft serve.
  2. Whenever I make the kids macaroni and cheese, I must take a heaping spoonful and eat it out of the kettle.
  3. The sound of people eating disturbs me, to say the least.  (I think it’s genetic b/c my dad and sister are the same way.)
  4. I’ve never dyed my hair (highlighted, yes…twice).
  5. I’m a morning person and it drives me nuts that my hubby isn’t and I have one kid that is and one that isn’t.
  6. I can’t stand eating chocolate plain.  It must have nuts or peanut butter or coconut…not caramel.
  7. My vision has improved twice since having children.  At this rate, only 8 more to go before I have perfect vision ;-)  (No, it’s not happening.)
  8. I can’t stand any type of bug.  Nope, not even ladybugs or butterflies.  My kids find them fascinating.  Sometimes, I think I might die when my son brings me live ones with his bare hands.
  9. I love bargain shopping and thrifting.
  10. I write right-handed, but play most sports left-handed.

One Reply to “10 Random Things About Me”

  1. 10 Things to know….All good to know. I remember when I was there and we went to the zoo. You stayed outside when Jesse, the kids and I went into the butterfly farm. That’s OK. I guess you would have a hard time holding night crawlers in your hand when we turn the dirt over in the garden. Just part of gardening in my book. I had 5 big thick ones in my hand (crawling and moving) and that got to be too much for me, I even had to put them back in the garden after 3 minutes of holding them. Nightcrawlers are excellent for the garden and we have mostly clay. We even put 100 sandbags in the garden to loosen up the soil so that helps with the produce.

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