Working on the Outdoors

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My favorite season is typically Autumn, but Spring is a close second.  I love planting a garden and I think my black thumb is turning somewhat green.

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An herb garden is a must.  I’ve already used basil and rosemary and mint will be next for mojitos this summer.

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We had 5 tons of rock delivered for our front yard and it’s really spruced up the space nicely.  I did all of the work myself.  Am I bragging?  Maybe.  I’m not sure if that bush on the left is dead or if it’s coming back to life.  Pretty sure it’s dead, but I don’t want to be the one to pull the plug.

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The weather has been crazy.  It goes from hot to cold, two months of no rain and then lots of rain.  I’m not sure what Mother Nature is up to.  Our skies typically don’t look like this, but after a good rain, it’s so nice to see those puffy white things.  The kids were very excited to put on their hats and gloves and jump in puddles.

IMG_0014 (1280x853)

We put up a shed.  It was a pain and I’m glad it’s done.  The end.

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I also planted a couple of these plants.  I forget the name now.  Fireball?  Fireflower?  I don’t know.  Anyway, I bought two.  One was half dead for five bucks and I’m hoping to revive it.  This is the more alive one.


First time I’ve had to dig a trench for installing watering hoses for the new plants.  Let’s just say I don’t want to do it for a living.


I’ve been “dragging” my boys along for my runs in the afternoon.  I only do it twice a week because they aren’t fans of my shenanigans.  It usually goes down like this…I say we’re going on a stroller ride…they cry, kick and scream…I’m about to lose my cool…I bribe them with snacks…they’re hesitant, but oblige…five minutes later, they’re asleep and I enjoy my peace and quiet for 3.5 miles…we pick up big girl from school…they wake up as soon as we get home and then party til 11pm.  Now, if someone offered to push me in the stroller for a nice ride and view of the outdoors, I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t throw a fit, but whatever.

I’ve been redoing our entire laundry room.  That makes it sounds like it’s a huge room, but it’s really not.  I just mean that everything is being redone in there.  I actually have my hubby working on framing the window for me.  Then, I need a shelf built.  I hope to share it all real soon, that is if I live to tell about it.  He gets kind of cranky about when I ask him to build stuff.  I mean, who wouldn’t want to frame a window that is crooked as all get up and everything needs to be tweaked?!  I told him we could be the Chip and JoAnna (Fixer Upper – LOVE that show!) of the desert, but I think he’d rather poke his eyes out with a dull pencil.  I’d marry him all over again, but I’m beginning to wonder if the feeling is mutual.  Hmmmm?  Hey!  Remember that time that I shoved 5 tons of rock all by myself?  Ya, me too ;-)  Happy Tuesday!

What The Quail?!

Happy Friday Eve!  I honestly can’t believe we’re half way through April already.  I’m ready for summer break and so is my school girl.  She loves school, but I think she’s ready for no homework, late nights and fun with family and friends!  I’m ready to have all 3 of my little ones back in the nest during the week.  Ask me a week into break how I feel ;-) .IMG_0013 (1280x853)

Speaking of nests, I spy quail eggs underneath our grill. They usually do this every Spring and I LOVE that I get to show the kids this part of nature.  Unfortunately, this year, the mother quail decided that this is the spot to leave her un-hatching eggs.  Is that what you call them?  I don’t know, but anyway, nothing is happening with these.

IMG_0040 (1280x853)

Ok, so last Friday, the hubby was going to take our middle kiddo out for a bike ride and ran inside to tell me there was a mama quail and her babies out and about in our yard. Eeeeek!  I ran to get my camera in attempt to get some good pics.  There is the mama and all her babies (10 or 11, I think) under her wings.

IMG_0042 (1280x853)

There they are following the mama and ready to flee from me.  They blend in so well with the sand/rocks, don’t they?

IMG_0046 (1280x853)

Look at the little peeps.  Cuuuuuuute!

IMG_0048 (1280x853)

Over the river…

IMG_0049 (1280x854)

And through the woods…

IMG_0050 (1280x853)

To the neighbor’s house we go.

IMG_0052 (1280x853) IMG_0056 (1280x853) IMG_0146 (853x1280)

So, fast forward to tonight, when another neighbor found two baby quail in their garage. They were separated from their clan and unsure of what to do.  They brought them to our backyard because we have no outdoor pets and thought they’d be safer here.  I knew I’d skip right from 3 kids to 5.  I always thought if we tried for a 4th, it’d be twins.  I was right.  Surprise.

IMG_0151 (1280x853)

If this doesn’t scream cuteness, I don’t know what does.

IMG_0152 (1280x853) IMG_0153 (1280x853) IMG_0154 (853x1280)

What’s up my peeps?

IMG_0155 (853x1280)

We were going to put them in our shed with food and water for the night, but they’re just so tiny (1-2 weeks old, maybe?) and we didn’t know if they’d make it through the night.  So, we set up a giant cardboard house with a little heating pad, blanket, crushed food and some water for them in our garage.  I really, really hope they make it through the night.  If they don’t, I might have to take bereavement leave.  I’m kind of attached.  I hope the family of quail are back in our yard tomorrow morning, so we can release these two to them.  Fingers crossed!

My Girl Turns 7!

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Last Saturday, we celebrated my little girl’s 7th birthday with lots of great friends.  It’s always such a treat to celebrate the birth of a child and to celebrate with friends is like icing on the cake.

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Speaking of cake, my girl doesn’t like the tradition cake/cupcakes.  She does LOVE frosting though.

_MG_4211 (853x1280)

I would say her favorite dessert/treat would have to be rice krispy bars, so I decided to make just that.  This Rice Krispy Cake was so easy to make.  I made three batches (one at a time) of rice krispy bars and instead of pressing them into a pan, I used various sized cake pans.  Be sure to spray them with plenty of cooking spray or you might have issues getting the “bars” out.  I then iced the top of each layer and stacked them and decorated with sprinkles.

_MG_4213 (1280x853)

I also made this little banner to top it off.  Pure lovely and simple.

_MG_4214 (1280x853) _MG_4215 (1280x853) _MG_4216 (1280x853) _MG_4217 (1280x853) _MG_4218 (1280x853)

We served lots of yummy snacks that held a mermaid theme.

_MG_4220 (1280x853) _MG_4222 (1280x853) _MG_4224 (853x1280) _MG_4221 (1280x853) _MG_4246 (853x1280)

Nothing screams party like a good pinata!

_MG_4265 (1280x853)

Everyone got a hit at the pinata and they were all so good about everyone getting candy.  So cute to have the big kids watch out for the littler ones.  We are truly blessed.

_MG_4288 (853x1280)

This was just too cute not to share :-) .

_MG_4283 (1280x853)

I mean, she kind of looks like 7 going on 17.  I am SO thankful that I get to watch her grow each and every day.  Love this girl.

_MG_4270 (853x1280)

This little guy was so sad that he didn’t get to blow out that birthday candle.

_MG_4284 (1280x853)

I don’t like to brag, but we make dreams come true at the Eng house.  Your wish is our command, Noah ;-) .

_MG_4285 (1280x853)

We did this three times at the party and then again in the evening.  Whatever floats your boat, Noah.

_MG_4292 (1280x853)

Let me just pick this up here.

_MG_4293 (1280x853)

Yup, I think I want a bite.

_MG_4294 (1280x853)

Almost there.

_MG_4295 (1280x853)

That’s the stuff.

Another birthday in the books.  It’s always so stressful to plan and setup for a party, but yet so worth it.  We always have a great time and wonderful memories!