How to Spruce Up Your Cork Board on a Budget!

I’ve been on a blogging hiatus for a while now, but thought I’d pop back in to show you a cheap and easy remake of a cork board.  I was looking at a home decor magazine the other day and I came across a cute cork board, or as they called it, a ‘message board’. Anywho, it was $189.  Good grief.  Talk about insane.  I loved the look of it and decided to do something about my plain ol’ board.

_MG_3700 (1280x853)

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Cork board (I got mine at Goodwill for $1.50)
  • Adhesive spray (I had this on hand)
  • Fabric of your liking (I got 1/2 a yard and a craft store for $1.50)
  • Decorative Nails (A box of 24 was $1.37 at Wolly World)
  1. Cut fabric to the size of the cork board (inside frame, not outer edge).
  2. Spray the board with the adhesive spray and carefully lay the fabric down on top of it.  Be sure to smooth the fabric as you go.  I started on the left side of the board and worked my way to the right.
  3. Decorate the edge of the board with nails.  Be sure to space them evenly.

_MG_3717 (1280x853)

Voila!  AND it cost me less than five bucks!  (Yes, it could cost you more if you don’t have certain supplies on hand or shop Goodwill.)

_MG_3719 (1280x853)

The board had originally had a natural wood edge, but I decided I would like it better painted white.  I really like the frayed edge of the fabric too.

_MG_3716 (853x1280)

Here is my little sewing corner of our home office.  The desk still needs to be painted, but I’m unsure of a color.  So for now, this works.  I really like how the board looks now that I’ve revamped it and I plan to use it as an inspiration board for all of my future projects… you know, after doing preschool with the 4 year old and trying to potty-train the almost 2 year old ;-) .

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