Spring Break 2017

Well, Facebook told me that I haven’t posted a blog update in 6 months.  Does anyone else have a love/hate relationship with FB?  It’s such a depressing time suck for me.  People are so rude and nasty and it just gets to me, ya know?  I like keeping in touch with people, but sheesh, seems like there is more bad than good on there lately.  Anywho, enough of this nonsense.  Let’s get back to real life and living.

Last week, we spent some time in Pinetop, Show Low and Greer, AZ.  It was spring break for the girl and we always like to get out of town, away from work and the day-to-day routine.  We rented this lovely cabin for 5 days and it’s really the way to go with a family.  I actually LIKE to cook, so having a kitchen nearby is pretty awesome.   Also, it’s so much cheaper this way when there are five people to feed.

Cheeeeeeeeese!  He just had a bath and did his own hair.  Diggin’ it, buddy.  Also, moo.

Puffy eyes, no make-up and haven’t taken a drink of coffee yet.  You’re welcome :) Keeping it real here folks.  There is a coffee shop within walking distance and it’s the best coffee I’ve ever had.  For real.  They roast the beans right there in the little ol’ shop.  So fun.  The hubby went and got us coffee the first morning and had them write “Mommy” on it.  I almost bawled.  He thinks I’m weird.  I do too.

This dude wanted to have coffee with me every morning.  I actually gave him a tad the first day.  Are you freaking out?  Afraid it’s going to stunt his growth? Don’t you worry, it was only a tiny bit and then we switched to water.  Ok?  Ok. Also, I want to pinch his freakin’ cheeks off.

Worms?  Are you in there?  Wooooorms?!!!

There was so much to do for the kiddos right here at the cabin that they actually dreaded getting into the van and venturing out.  They had puzzles, board games, horseshoes, a playground, sticks, mud, poop, you name it, they found it and it kept them entertained.

That look on my face is like serious-mom-freak-out-kids-by-the-fire face.  I was so worried that someone was going to get burnt on the fire pit.  Nobody did and all is well.  I might have drank half a bottle of wine and eaten way too much chocolate after this though.  Has anyone ever bought a giant-sized Mr Goodbar? I’m pretty sure they changed the ratio of peanuts to chocolate and there’s like ten times more peanuts in there and I’m digging it!

Let’s talk a little bit about romance, shall we?  I like to do puzzles.  The hubby does not.  He sat with me one night and we put this together.  If that doesn’t scream love, I don’t know what does.  Also, I’m like 80 right now.

I can’t get over this view.

We had to checkout the library because I’m a nerd.  The end.

We went to a restaurant one evening and this happened.  He kept trying to crawl under the table and find a place to lay down.  Lolz.  This kid can fall asleep anywhere…except in his own bed.  Oy vey.  Good thing I like to snuggle the crap out of him.

One of my favorite pictures ever.  He may give me gray hairs, but love him to bits.

No, you may not load up your pockets with rocks and take them home!  Also, he can’t find his pocked because he puts his pants on backwards.  Criss Cross make ya JUMP JUMP!

The kiddos were feeding them chicken crackers (or maybe it’s quackers?!…I’m lame) and the ducks almost attacked us. We could’ve died.  It was a close call.

The day before we headed back home, we decided to head to the mountains and show the kids some snow.  It’s towards the end of the season obviously, so this is pretty dirty and wet snow, but they still loved it.  As did we.  Fifty-seven degrees, sunny and snow…my kind of “winter”.

Why is it that every time we pack the selfie stick, we forgot to bring it wherever we go?!  Go go gadget arm!

We even got in on some tubing action.  You don’t even have to climb to the top to go down the mountain.  Some guy hooks your tube up to the pulley system thingy and up you go.  Talk about all play and no work.  We all had a blast going up and then down for two hours straight.

The hubby and two older kiddos attempted to make a snowman.  Looking a little thin there Frosty, eh?  I love vacations.  Or maybe it’s more like a trip when you travel with kids.  I don’t know.  It’s seriously so much work, but now that ours are a little bit older, it’s so much fun and so worth the work.  The only thing I don’t like is that I get car sick so bad.  I have a to pop a Dramamine before we travel now.  Annoying.  Again, maybe it’s because I’m like 80?  Who knows.  Who cares. Cheers to making memories!

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