My Girl Turns 7!

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Last Saturday, we celebrated my little girl’s 7th birthday with lots of great friends.  It’s always such a treat to celebrate the birth of a child and to celebrate with friends is like icing on the cake.

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Speaking of cake, my girl doesn’t like the tradition cake/cupcakes.  She does LOVE frosting though.

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I would say her favorite dessert/treat would have to be rice krispy bars, so I decided to make just that.  This Rice Krispy Cake was so easy to make.  I made three batches (one at a time) of rice krispy bars and instead of pressing them into a pan, I used various sized cake pans.  Be sure to spray them with plenty of cooking spray or you might have issues getting the “bars” out.  I then iced the top of each layer and stacked them and decorated with sprinkles.

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I also made this little banner to top it off.  Pure lovely and simple.

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We served lots of yummy snacks that held a mermaid theme.

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Nothing screams party like a good pinata!

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Everyone got a hit at the pinata and they were all so good about everyone getting candy.  So cute to have the big kids watch out for the littler ones.  We are truly blessed.

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This was just too cute not to share :-) .

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I mean, she kind of looks like 7 going on 17.  I am SO thankful that I get to watch her grow each and every day.  Love this girl.

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This little guy was so sad that he didn’t get to blow out that birthday candle.

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I don’t like to brag, but we make dreams come true at the Eng house.  Your wish is our command, Noah ;-) .

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We did this three times at the party and then again in the evening.  Whatever floats your boat, Noah.

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Let me just pick this up here.

_MG_4293 (1280x853)

Yup, I think I want a bite.

_MG_4294 (1280x853)

Almost there.

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That’s the stuff.

Another birthday in the books.  It’s always so stressful to plan and setup for a party, but yet so worth it.  We always have a great time and wonderful memories!

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