Easter Recap and A Bacon/Pea Salad Recipe

I hope everyone had a Happy Easter this year!  IMG_3270

A couple of weeks ago, we took the kids to the annual Easter egg hunt in our community.  They look forward to this every year and have such a wonderful time.


This girl is part monkey.  If she’s not climbing on something or doing gymnastics, she’s probably asleep.

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There is always a fire truck for the kids to see and each kid gets a fire fighter badge sticker.

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Look at those smiles.  They are thrilled.


Every year, I chop down the biggest tree I can find trim a branch off one of the trees in our backyard and the kids and I make an Easter tree.  I usually spray paint it white, but this year I was lazy opted for simpler times.  I must say though, the green actually looks quite natural and nice.

_MG_4198 (1280x853)

In years past, the kids would always wake me and the hubby up before looking for their Easter baskets.  This is the first year that they were up before us and didn’t make a peep.  They all found their baskets and had dug in before we came down at 9:30am, which means no video of them looking for baskets this year.  Sigh.  BUT, I must say, sleeping in until 9:30am hasn’t happened in this house in a looooong time.  So, I’m pretty much over the video.

_MG_4200 (1280x853)

Oh peas.

_MG_4203 (1280x853)

We I made the typical ham, mashed potatoes and fruit salad for Easter lunch/dinner.  I also decided to make a new recipe:  Easy Bacon Pea Salad (recipe here).  It’s pretty amazing.  Just mix the ingredients in a bowl, stir, chill and devour.  I went a little heavy on the onions and it was a tad potent, but all that calmed down the day after all the flavors had a chance to blend.  Does anyone else love the way cold peas pop in your mouth?

_MG_4204 (1280x853)

So, there ya have it.  Another Easter in the books.  Until next time, you can catch me eating Heath bars and watching Netflix like both went out of style.

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