My Girl Turned Six Years Old

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It was bound to happen sooner or later.  I now have a 6 year old.  In case you weren’t aware, that requires two hands to show everyone who asks how old you are.  It’s kind of a big deal.

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I used to go all fancy with ribbons, bows and cards.  Now?  Sharpie to the rescue. Classy, I know.  If we had a fourth child, I probably wouldn’t even bother with wrapping paper.  Target bags would suffice.  OR maybe I could just put everything in a pile and cover it with a blanket.

_MG_3403 (1280x853)

Gosh, she really is my child.  PROUD :-)

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_MG_3414 (853x1280)

Someone is always up to something around here.

_MG_3419 (1280x853) _MG_3423 (853x1280) _MG_3425 (853x1280)

Her first pair of ER visit thingamabobs roller-blades!

_MG_3427 (853x1280) _MG_3429 (1280x853) _MG_3431 (853x1280) _MG_3432 (1280x853) _MG_3439 (853x1280)

‘She says she wants a picture.  Oh, I’ll give her a picture alright.  How’s this mom? You like the way I stab my cake and give it the death stare?’ ~ Thoughts by Allison???

_MG_3442 (853x1280) Peter Piper Pizza - 3 (367x489)

Since her birthday was on Easter weekend, we didn’t celebrate with friends until the weekend after.  She was so excited to invite school friends to her party!  They all had such a great time :-)

Peter Piper Pizza - 7 (367x489) Peter Piper Pizza - 4 (400x533) Peter Piper Pizza - 5 (367x489)

Whenever I ask this kid what is favorite part of anything is, he always replies with, “I wike da pop and food da best.”  Just like me, the kid loves food.  I heart him so much.

Peter Piper Pizza - 6 (367x489)

Sometimes you just want to hang out at Peter Piper and eat your ice cream on the table.  Oh and he may or may not have been swinging the light fixture above his head right before this.

Easter 2015 - 2 (489x489)

This little guy screamed his head off after he found this basket that the bunny had left at our house.  Also, his poor nose ;(  He took a little spill in the dirt and although it looks pretty banged up, he cried for all of a minute and was back to playing again. Tough little soldier.

Easter 2015 (367x489)

Here are the big kids before the egg hunt in our community.  They both collected tons of eggs.  I don’t think my little lady could have had a better weekend.  We all had a terrific time celebrating her birth and Easter.  Cheers to getting back to normal and slower times now.  ;)

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