It’s Christmas Time in the City

Happy Friday!!  Just think, in a few short weeks, Christmas will be here.  Crazy to think.  I’m so ready though.  How about you?  :-)

Christmas Tree

The kiddos and I put our tree up 2 weeks before Thanksgiving this year.  I know, I know.  Some of you are thinking I’ve committed a major crime and should be punished to the fullest extent.  I was afraid to tell the hubby because I thought he might come unglued.  Turns out, he loves it up just as much as I do.  I know…SHOCKED.  Honestly, I’ve never put it up that early, but my middle man was BEGGING and I caved.  I’m glad I did thought because I’ve really enjoyed having it up and have yet to get sick of it and feel like it’s been too long.  Besides, last year I got the tree out of the box, but didn’t decorate it.  I was a little overwhelmed with having a new baby to worry about other shenanigans.


Aren’t they perty?!  BTW – Don’t be shocked if Santa doesn’t bring “THE CAT” (aka Peanut) anything this year.  She peed all over the bathroom floor this evening and I’m pretty sure Santa is PO’d.  She is always referred to as “THE CAT” when in trouble.  It’s that or “VOMIT”.  It all depends on the crime.  Don’t worry, we still love her…most of the time.  Right now she’s eating the Christmas tree.  Can’t wait to see what’s in the bathroom tomorrow.  I’m sure she’ll “decorate” it a lovely shade of green.  I’m already getting mad at her.

Advent Program

My little lady was in her very first Advent Play at church this year and it was so cute to watch all of the kiddos!  We got lots of video and the pictures are sub-par because all cameras were to be taken to the back of the room.  If you can see her, she’s the one in the red hat and pink shirt (4th one from the right of the kids sitting.) I probably should have circled her.  Meh, just trust me on this one.  It’s her.

Allison and Liam

This girl has also been obsessed with weddings and getting married lately.  I think she saw me kissing Santa and now wants to be married or something.  Crazy girl. Although, when we do kiss, she let’s out a big “EEEEEWWWWWWW!”.

The boy isn’t too pleased with her plans either.  She said, “Let’s have a wedding.” His reply, “Ok, but then we pretend to be ghosts.”  Sounds good to me buddy.


This little dude is now 14 months.  Yup, an old man already.  He started fully walking 2 days before turning 14 months.  I waited foreeeeeeeever with this one.  I wasn’t worried in the least, but just so anxious to see him toodle around.  It’s cute as crap.  Well, crap isn’t cute, but maybe cute as corn???  Like the little cocktail corn?  I dunno, it’s almost midnight and I’ve only had Cheesey Balls for supper.

Allison and Mommy

We’re a super serious family.  No joking around here.  Fun will not be had.  No senses of humor for us folk.  Anywho, that’s what I’ve got.

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