A Weekend Recap – Haircuts and Sand

Isn’t it just so easy to post pics to Instagram and type a little blurb instead of writing a little ol’ blog?!  I love writing blog posts, but have found that time isn’t on my side lately.  I still can’t believe it’s November already.

Noah (711x533)

This little guy loves music.  We had to test out a cd he got for his birthday and he was so excited to get his grubby, little paws on that archaic machine you see there.

Liam (653x490)

Here’s my 3 year old helping daddy with some plumbing issues.  Clearly, he’ll never be a plumber…no crack.

Allison Haircut (368x490)

This one saw me cutting her brother’s hair and wanted hers cut too.  I asked her how she wanted it cut and all she said was “short”.  I took about 4″ off and she said, “No mom, short.”  Sorry sister, this is plenty for me.  Love it.

Park (653x490)

So we went from like 90 degrees one day to the 70’s the next and it is amaaaaazing.  I now remember why we live here.

Noah Swinging (368x490)

Is it me or does he look a lot older lately?

Liam in Sun (368x490)

This one realized I was taking a photo of him and decided to run away.

Liam Running (368x490)

He hates having his picture taken.

Park Fun (653x490)

She and daddy dug a hole and buried her legs up to her knees.

Park Fun 2 (653x490)

I think my kids could live at the park.  We have so many to choose from in our neck of the woods and I’m thankful for that.  I anticipate we’ll be at the park a lot this “winter” ;)


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