Weekend Recap

Happy Monday-eve Peeps!  Hope you all had a fabulous weekend :)  I thought I’d throw this one out there for the night crowd…or am I the only one still up?

Read with Olaf

On Friday night, we decided to take the kiddos to see Olaf at B&N.  Come to find out, it was just a cardboard cut-out of Olaf…mmmmm.  The kids were definitely ok with that though, so I’m glad they weren’t disappointed.  To be honest, I’m pretty sure they would have been scared if it were a “real” Olaf (aka man dressed in suit).  They aren’t a fan of Santa either, yet he continues to bring them gifts…hmmmmm.  Anyway, after they listened to two Frozen books during story time, they went on to do some crafting.  This was their favorite part!  The lines were loooooooong, so we pushed our way through to the front waited very patiently.  My little lady also got a free 12-pack of Frozen pencils for dressing the part of Elsa.  She was thrilled!  I asked her if we could open, sharpen and use them.  It was a no go.  She wants to save them.  For what, I don’t know.  She reminds me a lot of me when I was a little girl.  Whenever I received nice gifts, I didn’t want to use them.  I wanted to preserve them.  I look back and I really wish I would have used all of my Lisa Frank notebooks and such.  I still wonder what happened to all of it???

Starbucks 08-04-14

I think we had more rain on Saturday than we have had the entire year.  The kiddos were having such a blast playing outside in the rain, so I left the house BY MYSELF to do the Walmart run.  What?!  That NEVER happens.  On my way there, I heard a voice calling my name.  Low and behold it was the Starbucks drive-thru.  I just happened to have a giftcard (thank you Huggies reward points!) burning a hole in my pocket.  Notice anything different about drink?  I don’t frequent Starbucks, but when did they get lime green straws? I’m all for change, but I really miss the original green straw.  Please tell me this change is temporary.  Of course the drink still tasted amazing, but I didn’t get the same warm, fuzzy feeling when drinking it.  You might say that is impossible because it’s a frozen drink, but you’d be wrong.  It’s totally the straw.  Besides, the “new” straws aren’t as wide as the other ones.

On Saturday night the kiddos were asleep by 9:30pm, which I felt was the perfect opportunity to watch a movie.  I’m definitely more into movies now than when I was a kid, but I don’t get to watch as many as I’d like.  I find that time is becoming more available as the kids get older though.  Anyway, I decided to watch We’re The Millers.  If you haven’t seen it, you should…hilarious!  A couple of weeks ago I watched August Osage County.  I recommend that one too :)

Soccer Mom Mini Van

Guess what happens in 1 week in our neck of the woods?  School starts!  My little lady is going to Kindergarten.  I can’t believe I only get one more week of having her all to myself before I throw her to the wolves have to share her with others.  It really hasn’t set in yet. Maybe I’ll decide to cancel the whole thing the night before?  I know people who do homeschooling.  I could totally do that, right?!  I’m pretty sure she’s going to love public school, so why not give it a whirl :)  Besides, I really want to join the PTA, volunteer on school trips and pack her a sack lunch.


I already have a mini van, so I’m destined to be a soccer mom.  (I apologize for the foul language…still funny.)

Well, that was our weekend in a nutshell.  Oh, AND I got the office painted all by my lonesome on Thursday.  I’m loving the almost consistent schedule the kiddos are on. Things really are getting easier.  How was your weekend?


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  1. A and L look so cute! I’m glad she liked she liked dressing up as ‘Elsa’. She really looked very much like the lil’ darlin’ she is. She aced that one. L’s smile is too die for. Both are so cute! I don’t do Starbucks either. I’ve tried to International Delight refrigerated drinks (light, of course) and they aren’t bad, either. Good luck in school, A. I’m sure you will just love it! Great post…LOVE it!!

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