Pool Time and Power Tools

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Hope all you dads out there had a terrific Father’s Day!  The hubby took Friday off, so we had a 3-day weekend.  Aren’t those the best?!  He truly is the best dad to our kids.  You’d never know he grew up without a father figure…he’s got this whole thing figured out ;)  We decided to hit up the community pool on Friday and I have a feeling we’ll be going there every week until school starts.  I was super nervous because we’ve never taken them all to the pool before.  It’s no easy task, but definitely worth the hard work…the kids had a blast! The bambino fell asleep for the last hour, so I got to sit back and enjoy my baby snuggles ;)  Kudos to the hubby for watching the kids like a hawk, as per my request.  He was pretty much awesome.

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We returned to the pool on Saturday for some more swim lessons for this little fish.

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Here’s the little man collecting acorns.

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This one started drinking from a straw at 8 months.  We pretty much skipped the bottle faze and did the same thing with the sippy cup.  I see lots of Big Gulps in his future.  He’s a straw man.  Well, not THE straw man, but a man who likes straws.

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We ventured to the “big city” on Saturday and did some shopping.  I’ve been wanting to buy quinoa for quite some time and I finally convinced the hubby to do just that.

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I made some BBQ Chicken Quinoa Salad (recipe here) on Sunday and it was pretty tasty.  I did alter the recipe a tad.  Quinoa is a nice substitute for rice, but since it’s somewhat expensive, I like to use both rice and quinoa.  Our grocery store was out of cilantro and avacado…sigh.  So, I had to make it without this time.  It would’ve definitely looked prettier with those ingredients in there and added more flavor.

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We’re still teething over here.  It’s one of the upper teeth trying to poke through now.  I caught a glimpse of it yesterday.  This little teether ball was a gift from the Easter Bunny.  It’s pretty great.

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Watch out world, mama is using power tools!  I don’t know why I’m so hesitant on using power tools.  Oh wait, that’s right…I’m super clumsy.  It takes talent to be me. No really, I could hurt myself in a padded room.  Aaaanyway.  This was my first time using an electric drill.  Judging by this pic, it’s no wonder how I always hurt myself. Focus Lisa, focus.  Look at my poor, pathetic kitchen.  Can we say disaster?  Meh, what can I say?  We can’t have everything now can we? Tomorrow. There’s always tomorrow.  I can’t wait to show you my little project I’ve got going on :)  Hopefully next week!  Maybe that’ll force me to finish it.  I mean, it’s only been sitting in my dining room for like 3 weeks.  I have to admit, I have been a bit lazy too.  I haven’t worked out this whole week and I’m obsessed with the show ‘Scandal’.  Man alive is it addicting.  After the kids go to bed, I sit on the couch and watch like 2-3 episodes. It’s really bad.  I tend to get scared during some parts.  I wouldn’t be scared if I watched it during the daytime because it’s light out, but at night, I just freak out.  If the hubby is still up, I’m ok.  BUT, if he’s in bed, I sit there and think someone is watching me and then I want to hide under a blanket, but I don’t because it’s like a million degrees here and I’d probably die.  It’s kind of like when you go to bed and have to leap onto it because the monster living under the bed will get you.  I wonder if the monster under my adult bed is the same one that lived under my kid bed?  I have never met him or her, so I’m not sure.  Anyone else have that fear?  What about the closet monster?  I shall save that story for another time ;)  Make it a great week!


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  1. Wonderful update! It sounds like the family is busy…busy…busy. Enjoy while they are young! Power tools have their place and you don’t have to untangle cords all the time. I can’t wait to see your project! Sounds like everyone is very content and happy! Shayna gave me a taste of one of her friends quinoa salad. I’m gettting the recipe (avocado, corn, red and green peppers, soy beans, cilantro with lime juice for the dressing). I’ve asked for the recipe so will share when I receive it. Glad the children are doing well. Stay cool!

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