A Weekend Full of Sun

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That cutie on the right with the blonde ponytail is my little one.  She had her first swimming lesson on Saturday and she did awesome!  You would never have known that it was her first time in the pool without mom or dad.

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Here she is getting her learn on.

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Here’s my buddy :)  He kept busy by collecting acorns that he found in the rocks. He is so good at entertaining himself, which is not always a good thing ;)

IMG_2615 (960x1280)

Poolside stud muffin ;)  Who wouldn’t want to pinch those cheeks or thighs?!

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Takin’ a break to re-hydrate…being cute is hard work.

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Did I mention how proud I am of this one?  Face in the water on the first day.  She had zero hesitation…so brave!

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Here’s one of me and the chub scout.

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A little blurry, but it was her first jump into the pool.  She even went head under and came right back up.  Also, I’ve noticed that history is repeating itself.  The instructor had sunglasses with black rims and neon bows.  I believe I wore the same kind of glasses when I took swim lessons eons ago.  This is not a look I wish to repeat.  Are they really back?  For those of you who wear these type of glasses, rock on…don’t think I could pull it off :)

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How do you get a kid to sit still for 5 minutes?  The answer is almost always, fruit snacks.

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Tired bird.

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After swim lessons, I thought it was only appropriate to celebrate by getting frozen slushy drinks and a car wash.  Why a car wash?  Well, our kids LOVE Curious George and when they saw the episode of George having a car wash, so they wanted to go to one too.  It really is the little things.  I hope it stays this way.

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The hubby even splurged for the triple-colored foam.

IMG_2637 (960x1280) IMG_2639 (960x1280)

They were so enthralled by it.  We will most likely do it again.

Sleeping Kiddos

On Sunday, I decided to go for my run outside.  By 5:00pm, my little man there on the left, BEGS to go for a stroller ride.  It goes something like this, “Mommy?  Go for strowwer wide now?  Ya, ya, me faw sweep.”  The girl almost never falls asleep, but this time she was the first to fall asleep and it was about 2.5 minutes after we left home. This heat has gotten to all of us and it’s bad.  We all want to take naps and eat nothing.

Girl Waking Up

If you ask her how her nap was, she’ll swear she wasn’t sleeping.  In this pic, she’s wondering why her cheese stick is still there and I’m done running.  Ya, she wasn’t sleeping.

Waking Up

What happened?  Where are we?

Rock Climbing Wall

We’ve got a rock climbing wall on our play land and this little monkey climbs it well.

Door Stop

We had a little break from teething pain for a couple of weeks, but it’s baaaaaack. Oh joy.  He’s been up until 11pm most nights.  Thankfully, this means he usually sleeps in a little bit later in the morning.

Other than that, we’ve been busy with some home projects that I hope to share with you all very soon!  I’m ready for my house to be back in order again :)

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