A Weekend Full of Creatures

Happy Monday morning peeps!  I know this sounds cliche, but this weekend seriously flew by.  It’s probably because I took a 2 hour nap on Saturday.  What?! Yup, that happened.  I don’t remember the last time I took a nap.  Oh wait, yes I do. It was on April 5th.  I was supposed to be getting ready for Miss A’s birthday party, but was just beat.  Funny how I actually remember that.  Ok, well, I don’t remember the last time before that then.


Anywho, after I awoke from my much needed beauty sleep, I decided to go for a run outside.  Miss A wanted to go with me and the other two kiddos were sleeping, so I threw her (well, not ACTUALLY threw her) into the jogging stroller and off we went. About 2.5 miles into my run, something catches my eye off to the side of me.  I look down and it’s an eyeball…and then I notice the head…of a snake.  I had no idea what to do, so this happened…


Yup, that’s me.  I’ve never ran so fast in my life.  My heart was beating out of my chest and as if I wasn’t sweating enough already from running over 3 miles in 104 degree temps, I think my sweat was sweating.  I’m sure you’re not supposed to run from the snake, but I really didn’t feel like sweet-talkin’ it into not eating me.  Maybe I should invest in some of these…

Oops I crapped my pants

Hey, I’d rather be safe than sorry.  I told the hubby all about my extravaganza and he said that the black eye of the snake always sticks out and that’s what people notice.  I had no idea.  Needless to say, I didn’t go for a run on Sunday.  I might stick to the treadmill for a while ;)  The hubby always says the snake wins if I don’t go back out.  Hmmm, I beg to differ.  This is not a battle I feel like fighting at the moment.  I will go back out…maybe even this next weekend.

IMG_2592 (960x1280)

The hubby said that he wanted to go to the dinosaur museum for Father’s Day. Normally, I’d totally be into it, but everything is just so hard with 3 kids.  One of them still an infant who is like a baby calf and eats every 2 hours, which requires me to get half-naked (sort of kidding).  Another is a 2 year old who won’t use public restrooms and is in a ‘hold me’ stage.  The 5 year old is pretty easy-going, so YEY for 1 out of 3!  Can you see why I have hesitations about traveling anywhere for hours at a time?

The picture above is us leaving to the Idea Museum and the Arizona Museum of National History (aka dinosaur museum).  We decided to go this weekend because admission was free!  You can’t beat that when there are 5 of us.  Although, I’m sure the baby would be free.

IMG_2576 (960x1280) IMG_2578 (960x1280)

Cuteness right there…both of them.

IMG_2579 (960x1280)

The black-light room was pretty neat.  I think we adults thought it was cooler than the kids did though.

IMG_2581 (1280x960)

This one didn’t turn out the best, but it’s a pic of me and the baby.

IMG_2582 (1280x960)

Here we are crafting some glasses out of paper, glue, markers, etc.

IMG_2583 (1280x960)

IMG_2584 (960x1280) IMG_2585 (1280x960) IMG_2586 (1280x960)

I’m pretty sure we both could have stayed in here for hours.

IMG_2589 (1280x960) IMG_2591 (1280x960)

The baby was getting tired of being held at this point and hungry, so we pretty much gave up and decided to leave.

IMG_2593 (960x1280)

I promised him McD’s if he cooperated with me in using the facilities at the museum. Don’t judge…you’d do the same thing.  It’s the first time he’s ever had a happy meal, so we were due.

IMG_2595 (960x1280)

We’re getting all sorts of silly on this long car ride.  It was an hour each way people!!  Do you have any ideas on how much I loathe car rides???  It was all fun and games at this point.  Anything to keep us from going batty.

IMG_2600 (960x1280)

Givin’ me glares…eyes on the road Mister.

IMG_2605 (960x1280)

Oh gosh, someone’s not happy.

IMG_2598 (1280x960)

Please, please, please make it end!!!

Ok, so it wasn’t that bad.  I kept my cool the whole time, but phew am I tired.  How was your weekend?

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