The “Before” Pics of Small Living Room

Good Morning Peeps!  It’s been a while since I’ve posted, but I’ve been a tad busy lately. I’ve had lots of posts in my head, but zero time to sit down and write about them.

My little lady had the flu a week ago, so Mother’s Day was pretty low key.  The hubby did bring home doughnuts and I might have eaten 6 in one day.  I know, sick and wrong.  BUT, on the plus side, I did get to run 4 days last week.  Whoop whoop!  It’s now in the 100’s for temps, so it’s best to run in the early morning or wait until evening.  I have a treadmill, so I do use that when the baby is napping ot if the hubby is unavailable to help out.  I’ve only got a double jogging stroller, so there aren’t enough seats for my brood.  Maybe I could stack them?  Or is that illegal?  I kid.

_MG_2195 (853x1280)

Well, we’ve been in our house for almost 10 months now and I’m finally just getting around to home projects.  Let me tell you, there are many.  I decided to start painting the small living room/dining room/kitchen area first.  I love to paint, so thankfully it’s not that big of a pain for me.  I’d say most of the work is in prepping.  The hubby is pretty particular about straight lines and all that garbage, so he insisted on taping the ceiling for me. (NOTE:  If you ever come over for a visit, please be sure to point out how AWESOME those lines along the ceiling look.  They do look really good though…thanks hub.)  The pic above is a crack in the wall caused by the settling of the house.  There were several of these around the window.

_MG_2198 (1280x853)

There were many, many nail holes to patch.  I also removed all of the light switch/outlet covers, as any good painter would do.  I’ve got a secret though.  I like to keep at least one on and paint around it just so that the old color is beneath it.  I like a house to have “history” and I just like layers of paint (pretty sure this color was original to the house).  Or maybe I just like to drive the hubby crazy because I do that sometimes.  He’s a perfectionist and it would drive him crazy.  Me?  I am definitely detail-oriented in most things, but I think I’m pretty good at painting, so I don’t spend as much time to tape things off.  If I get a little on the floor or trim???  Meh.  If you spend every minute trying to perfect something, nothing will get accomplished and there will be zero time to enjoy it.  I’m super organized and he’s not.  We are opposites and balance each other out…love that :)

_MG_2208 (1280x853)

Here is a pic of the small living room, or is it a family room?  What’s the difference?  Does one have a tv and one doesn’t?  No clue.  In the pic on the left over there, that’s my treadmill.  We bought it almost 5 years ago.  The hubby thought we were just buying a really expensive clothes rack, but I’ve put over 1,000 miles on it ;)  He’s very thankful it wasn’t a waste.  Also, that lampshade is crooked.  The lamp also looks to be too small for the room.  Hmm, just thinking out loud.

_MG_2197 (853x1280)

Here is a pic of the color I’ll be painting the downstairs rooms.  It might look a tad dark here, but it’s really not.  I think it might be the lighting.  It’s so hard to take pics of certain spaces when there is little light.  Anywho, I painted this room, the dining room and part of the kitchen 2 weeks ago, so after pics coming just as soon as I take a bulldozer clean up. Oh ya, and hopefully I can post the “before” pics of the larger living room this week because I got that all painted this weekend.  See?  I have been productive.  Now we just need to figure out a way for you to get into my head to read about it ;)

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