I Have A 5 Year Old

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It’s hard to believe, but my little lady turned 5 last week.  She is my first born and made me a mom.  She’s beautiful, kind, smart and feisty (like me – yey!).  My mother always told me she hoped I had a daughter just like me when I grow up.  I got one and I couldn’t be prouder :)

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Here is the birthday banner I made for her party.  She was so excited to see the final product.  I’d been talking about it for about a month and didn’t complete it until two days before the party.  That’s how I roll ;)

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She wanted a pink cake with gold sprinkles.  It isn’t the pretties of all cakes (I should work on that), but it tasted good.

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She’s been wanting a watch for a couple of months and I told her to put it on her birthday list.  There was a Hello Kitty one that she saw in an ad that came in the mail and Grandpa and Grandma Linda pulled through and got her exactly what she wanted.

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If you look up the word “cuteness” in the dictionary, I’m pretty sure his picture is in there.

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Grandpa and Grandma came for a visit and got to enjoy all 3 my babes.  We’ve had a lot of company this winter/spring and I love it.  My MIL was the first to visit (she even folded my laundry…so thankful for that…it’s the little things), followed by many friends/a cousin/a SIL and lastly, my parents (got my laundry folded again…you’d swear our dressers/closets were empty and I just had baskets full of clothes just sitting around…pretty much sums it up).

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We started a new tradition after we moved to our new home.  Whenever someone in our house has a birthday, we order a ginormous doughnut from the local bakery.  They are seriously the best doughnuts I’ve ever had.  Our tradition used to be colored pancakes with sprinkles.  Move over pancake, there’s a new carb in town.  I’m sure my thighs thank me.

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Miss A had her first-ever kid party the day after her birthday.  She was so excited to have people over and share in the festivities.  They were all excited about the pinata.  I was hoping that none of the kids could break it because I really wanted to do it myself…sigh, it didn’t happen.  I might just get one for my own birthday and smash the heck out of it all by myself let everyone take a turn at it and hope it makes it to me.

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I found this little idea on Pinterest.  Seriously?!  What did we do before that time-suck was invented?  Anyway, these are marshmallow pops.  Super simple to make and they taste great.  A little sugar bomb for your gut, if you will.

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Here is the little cupcake tower I put together for her party.  The cake was from a box (yup, that’s how I rolled this time), but the frosting was homemade (how I redeemed myself).  I ordered the little jewel rings from an online shop.  I must say, they look pretty with all of the colors.

It’s a lot of work planning a party, but so worth the payoff in the end.  Everyone had a great time and Miss A loved her party!  Until next year, when school is in session and we have oodles of kids to invite ;-)


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