My 1st (and 2nd) StrideBox!

For Christmas, my in-law family was kind enough to sign me up for StrideBox.  I’ve heard of Birchbox, NatureBox and other boxes, but never StrideBox.  It’s a monthly subscription where you’ll receive a box full of stuff related to running.  I’m super excited!  Thank you to my sisters-in-law, MIL and hubby – so far, I LOVE it!  Anyone who knows me, knows that I love to run.

I got my first box in December on Christmas Day.  It was apparently delivered to the house, but the hubby intercepted it without me knowing (smart man he is).  He had it wrapped and placed it under the tree for me to open Christmas morning.  It was a wonderful surprise.

I thought I’d give you a review of what I think of each box I’ll receive monthly.  I’ve just received my January box (2nd one) last Friday.  I’ll review the December one first (since I dropped the ball on that one – oops!).

StrideBox January - 2

Inside each box, the products are wrapped nicely in tissue paper (December’s was silver and January’s was gold.)  The postcard you see is included in the box and on the reverse side, is a list of all the products in that box with a description of each item and where you can purchase additional product.


StrideBox - Decemer

1.  This is a raspberry green tea energy drink (just add water).  It has caffeine, so score          one for the hubby!  I am caffeine-free since 2008 (Some of you just fell off your                    chair…admit it.).

2.  Perfect Fuel Chocolate – Endurance Bar.  This is to give you a boost of energy in the          morning, afternoon or before a workout.  I haven’t tried this yet.

3.  Sigh.  These have caffeine in them.  I squish the package and it feels like little gummy        snacks all cozy inside.  I want to eat them.  BAD.  Getting over it and moving on now.

4.  This is wound and skin care spray.  I’m definitely going to store this in the jogging                stroller when I’m out with the kids.  I do have mishaps every now and again.  I also think      it’d be great to carry in the diaper bag if the kids ever get hurt.

5.  This peppermint gel is an energy gel with no caffeine – yippee!  I plan on trying this one        on Saturday before my run.  I’ll keep ya posted!

6.  These are light-weight, reflective shoe laces that increase safety on those early                  morning or late night runs.

7.  Vitalyte Electrolyte Replacement Drink – Fruit Punch.  Sounds amazing.

8.  An all natural snack bar with manuka honey.  This one was like a breakfast bar and            soooo good.  In fact, that’s just an empty wrapper laying there.  Sneaky, huh?


_MG_1590 (1280x853)

1.  This is a powdery lemonade flavored substance that you mix with water and drink 30          minutes prior to your run.  It’s supposed to sustain energy, optimize performane and          enhance fat burn.  I haven’t tried it yet, but it sounds great!

2.  This is exactly what it says, a body wipe.  I’m not sure how on-board I am with this.  If          this is to substitute for a shower, I’m not buying it.  Ain’t no way am I doin’ a spit bath!  I        think I will try it just to see what it smells like and how my skin feels afterwards…then I’ll      hit the shower ;-)

3.  This one is a pineapple flavored drink mix…just add water.  It  is high in vitamin C and          magnesium.  I think this one will be good too.

4.  This is an organic, gluten free energy gel in a mild vanilla flavor.  It is an energy gel that        will keep me going like the energizer bunny or until my hip gives out.  Kidding!  It will            totally be my knee instead.

5.  This one barely made it out of the box.  It’s like a candy bar.  It’s a tiny little bar with 8g        of protein.  It was delish!

6.  These are energy gel blasts – strawberry banana flavored.  They have caffeine in them,      so the hubby will get those.  He should feel so lucky to get all my leftovers.  I’m so nice        to share.

7.  A sticker of encouragement.  Worry Less, Run More…words to live by.  I like it…alot.

8.  All that remains of this one is the wrapper.  Gone in less than 2 minutes.  It was rather        chewy, but the flavor was pretty dang awesome.  They had me at peanut butter                  chocolate chips.  You could cover leaves in peanut butter and I’d probably eat it.  LOVE      me some peanut butter.

9.  No, you’re not losing your mind.  There is no #9 in the picture, but that is because it was      a slap bracelet.  Remember those?  The kids saw it right away and ran off with it.  It’s          orange and very reflective, I’m sure to be used for when it’s dark outside.

Even though I haven’t tried everything in the boxes, I’m very impressed with the assortment of products.  There were only 3 products with caffeine, which made me very happy.  Everything else seems great and the flavors are winners in my book!  So far, I’m impressed!  AND it’s totally fun getting a little box in the mail.

**PS – Did you notice I’m back to including pictures with my posts?  Yey ;-)

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