Master Bedroom…The Before

We’ve been relaxing a lot this weekend, as my MIL is in town.  The kids are having tons of fun and loving the company.  The hubby took Monday off to spend some time with us and have a nice 3-day weekend.  We pretty much enjoyed the weather, went to the park, did a little shopping and a lot of playing.  Got a few things accomplished around the house too, so that’s always nice.

I took the baby to the doctor for his 4 month check-up and he’s super healthy!  He’s such a happy baby too and definitely a mama’s boy.  The little chubscout is in the 98 percentile for weight…love those baby rolls.  After his appointment, he fell asleep and I decided to go to the best store in the world – Target!  We don’t have one in our new neck of the woods, so it’s a real treat when I get to go.  I’ve realized that I need to get out more because being at home 24/7 really wears a person down.  This will be one of my goals. The hubby always tells me to get out more.  I should will listen.

I managed to get some pics of the Master Bedroom last week, so I thought I’d share that with you today.  Here we go!

Master Bedroom 5

This is the little “reading nook” if you will.  The chair is the one I got free off Craigslist about 3 years ago and have yet to reupholster it.  Seriously?!  I’ve been talking about this stinkin’ chair since the beginning of time.  Anyway, one of these days it will get done.  I managed to find the lovely (cough, cough), floral-print ottoman from an online garage sale site for $10.  It needs reupholstering too.  Sigh.  Someday.  That one should be pretty easy though.  You’ll notice the white curtain panel hanging there.  I’m testing out to see if I like them or not.  They came from the old house and I’d like to put them to use.  We shall see.

Master Bedroom 3

We’ve got 2 huge windows with a great view of the neighborhood and mountains.  I love them and all the light they let in during the day and in the wee morning hours.  The hubby hates all of the light.  He loves the dark and would probably live in the cave if it weren’t for me and the children.  The blinds are nice, but are a woody/yellowy-kinda color.  I’m sure they will have to stay for a bit until $$ is available to replace them with white ones.  Again, someday :)

Master Bedroom 6

I’ve done preggo/belly pics with all 3 of the kiddos and I’ve managed to frame the pics from pregnancy #1.  My goal is to get the other 2 pregnancy pics printed and framed.  It’s not hard work, just time-consuming.

Master Bedroom 7

I spy an elephant in the room…and a baby.  I like this bedding during the winter months (if you can call it that here in sunny AZ), but it’s a little too cold-feeling for Spring and Summer.  I think a white duvet cover might be in order.  Oh and there’s that ugly-looking bed rail…just keepin’ it real.  Safety first!  I was just too lazy to tear it all down to take a pic and then put it back up.

Master Bedroom 8

I think that lamp will get a nice little makeover.  I’ll probably paint the lamp gray and dress up the shade a bit.

Master Bedroom

You can see here that I’m testing out paint colors.  They are both gray colors, but the one on the right has a bit of blue in it, so I’m thinking about going with the one on the left.  Not 100% positive though.  That’s as far as it has gotten.  The hubby has reminded me that HD usually has a President’s Day sale on paint, so I’m kind of holding out for that.  There really is no order to the stuff setting on the dresser either.  Again, too lazy to move the stuff.  Just be happy I got the pics taken ;-)

Master Bedroom 2

The hubby managed to mount the tv on the wall for me and it nicely fits inside the ladder bookshelf.  The only ugly thing I see is the wire, so we’ve got to hide that.  At our old place, he actually ran the wire behind the wall…I’m thinking that might have to be done here. Just a lot more work for him and I don’t know that he has the time right now.  Meh, it can wait. The flowers in the pot have got to go to.  Funny how I hold onto this stuff and then I see it in a pic and think to myself “Why do I still have this?!”  Time to get rid of clutter.

Well, that’s the Master.  I hope to start painting within the next month.  Wish me luck!

4 Replies to “Master Bedroom…The Before”

  1. running the tv wire behind the wall seems like overkill… couldn’t you just run it horizontally to the corner post and then run it down the post from there? just use black wire ties to hold it to the post. problem solved in five minutes and no drilling involved.

    also, Today I Learned that 3 years ago was the beginning of time =)

    1. Jesse is all about overkill ;) j/k Ya, I think we might end up doing the way you’re suggesting. It would be easier and as long as the bookshelf is there, it would hide it nicely.

      2nd part…I’m lost??? Fill me in :)

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