Ch-Ch-Cha-Changes…for the Home

Good Morning :)  Hope you all had a fabulous weekend!  Ours was pretty low key.  We had company on Friday night from some friends, more like family, visit us.  So great to have people visit us from back home.  On Saturday, we pretty much entertained the kids and the hubby took them to the park after working in the morning, while I stayed behind with the baby in hopes of getting some housework done.  It didn’t happen.  The little monkey didn’t want to nap unless I was holding him…big fat bummer.  I mean, I had to sit and hold the little chunk and love on him for like 2 hours.  I was so sad to get no laundry and dishes done.  Do you sense the sarcasm? ;-)

Sunday was all about the BRONCOS!!!  I’ve been a Broncos fan since high school. Coming from ND, there is no professional football team or any professional sports for that matter.  The closest team we have are the MN Vikings and I am definitely not a Vikings fan. Probably because my dad doesn’t like them, but also because back then, I was all about the colors and purple and gold aren’t mine.  Aaaaaaany who, I think I chose the Broncos for their colors (because that’s what ever teenage girl does) and probably some other odd reason.  Meh, neither here nor there.  The point is that they’re GOING TO THE SUPERBOWL!!!  I might have ordered some gear for myself and the kids…the hubby is a cheese-head fan ;-)  Oh, and I have family in Seattle that are pretty elated about the Sea Hawks.  May the Broncos best team win ;-)

The hubby was supposed to have Monday off, but had to work all day and night – boo.  It was pretty much normal routine for us then, so no real 3-day weekend.  Oh well, it happens.

Anywho, I have yet to post any pics of our new home.  So, I figure it was time to do so. Can you believe we’ve been in it for almost 6 months?!  Neither can I.  AND I have yet to paint anything.  I think it’s time, don’t you?

Bathroom Mirror

The bathroom mirrors in this house are exactly like the ones in our old house when we bought it…boring.  The hubby actually framed our Master Bathroom mirror (here) in the old house and it really added to the completeness of the room.  You hear that hubby?  Time to get out the saw again ;)  I would love to use the saw and do it myself, but I can barely use a butter knife.  I cut myself all of the time.  I actually cut my finger with a steak knife last week.  I’d show you a pic, but I don’t want to flip you the bird (poor middle finger).  Trust me, it takes talent to be me.

Bathroom Sink

These are pretty standard faucets and I can live with them for the time being, but I definitely have plans to switch them out.  I’d like new counter-tops too, but wouldn’t everyone.  I have a feeling those can be pretty spend-y, so I won’t hold my breath.  They actually don’t bother me much, but drive the hubby nuts.  Not sure why???

Bathroom Floor

This is linoleum.  My old house didn’t even have linoleum and it was 4 years older.  I know it could be worse, but this stuff just feels awful.  I’ve lived in homes with linoleum before, but it didn’t feel weird when I walked on it.  This just feels weird.  It’s very rough.  Maybe that’s a good thing???  I won’t fall???  I don’t know, but it has to go.  It’s in both of the upstairs bathrooms and laundry room.

Gold Door Handles

Oh the poor, pitiful door handles of our home.  They’ve been used, that’s for sure.  The paint on the door is chipping off.  I clean this door almost everyday and it still looks like this. Our old home had gold handles when we first moved in and they were the first thing to go. I don’t know why, but for me, a nice door handle goes a loooooong way.

Front Door

Our front door is ginormous.  It’s an 8 ft door.  It’s plain white, which isn’t bad, but it gets so dirty.  And, since I plan on painting the walls very light colors , I’d like a ‘pop’ of color for the door.  In the other house, I painted it black (here) and LOVED it.  I’m thinking about the same thing for this one.


The previous owners of this house clearly did not take care of the carpets.  They had a tiny, white dog that apparently shed a lot over the 6 years they lived here.  They also had 6 people living in the house, who apparently never removed their shoes.  In spots where their furniture was located, it is very nice and thick carpet.  I really wish they would’ve taken better care of it.  We’ve steam cleaned it numerous times and it’s definitely improved, but still not up to par.  Eventually, it will get replaced.

Tile Floor

This is the tile in the kitchen, dining room, downstairs bathroom and entry way.  I really love it and have no plans of changing it.

Wall 2

Look at my poor walls.  There are several marks from when we (and by we, I mean the hubby and a couple of guys…I was 7 months preggo at the time) were moving furniture up the stairs.  It doesn’t wipe off, so the only way to get rid of it is to paint.  Hopefully soon!


Here is a gash in the corner of the wall caused by the movers hauling our furniture upstairs.  I was livid at first, but I know these things happen and I got over it pretty quickly. It does bother me that it’s still there and it sticks out like a sore thumb every time I go upstairs.


The blinds came with the house, but there are no curtains or curtain rods for that matter. Although the wall colors aren’t my forte, they aren’t out of this world either, which makes it bearable to live in.

Kitchen Cabinets

Oh my heavens….builder-grade oak cabinets.  Here we go again.  Our last house had these and I lived with them for 6 years before refinishing them to a gorgeous white.  It took me 2 whole months of sanding/priming/painting.  I worked on them after the kids went to bed and into the wee morning hours.  It was a lot of blood and sweat (no tears because frankly, I love doing this stuff), but so worth it. To say I loved my white cabinets, would be an understatement.  I have the same plans for these ones.  Good thing I’ve had practice and know what works and doesn’t work now ;)


Our old house had granite counter-tops.  This house has corian.  A major downgrade if you ask me.  We’ll see what happens to these.  I’m thinking it will be a while before we make any changes to them, so we’ve got time to think.


I can’t wait til’ the microwave craps out.  I really dislike black appliances.  They are SO HARD to keep clean.  You can always see dirt on them and it bugs the living daylight out of me.


The hubby tells me that stoves never really go bad.  Sigh.  I’d say we could start it on fire, but it already does that on its own…it’s gas.  I love having a gas stove.  The hubby has never had one before.  It’s funny to watch him watch in admiration of the dang thing.  Like a monkey to shiny objects….a moth to a flame…..a fly to sh…well, you get the idea.

Stainless Steel Fridge

The house didn’t come with a fridge, so we had to buy one.  So now we have mismatched appliances.  Kinda drives me wild.  We do love the fridge though.


Some of our light fixtures are alright, but I’m sure they will be replaced when a room is revamped.  We’ve already taken one out permanently, put the laundry room fixture in the garage and put up a chandelier in the laundry room.  Why you ask?  Because every laundry room should have a pretty little chandy.  Makes laundry fun, no?

Well, there is a lot of work to be done on our new abode, but I’m looking forward to the changes!  I hope to get pics of the Master Bedroom this week so you can see it before I throw up some paint on the walls.  Although, we have several visitors coming over the next month, so I’m not sure when I’ll find the time to paint.  Meh, I’m sure I’ll work something out. Make it a great week!


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