Where did the time go?!

Happy 2nd Birthday to my bouncing baby boy!  I know I say this with each birthday any one of my children has, but seriously…where does the time go???  It really does seem like yesterday that I was waddling around Target trying to ‘walk you out’ and get the party started.  I’ll never forget that you came a day after my due date…drove me nuts you did ;) You were so calm and such a good, happy baby.  You are smart, light up a room and want all the attention when you come into it, cute as a button and push my buttons from time to time…you are perfect :-)  You fit the role of Little Brother to a T and I have no doubt that you will fill the shoes of Big Brother (next month) just perfect.  I love you to the moon and back and I hope you stay ‘Mommy’s Little Boy’ forever.

_MG_7403 (1280x853)

Only weeks old and tons of little baby rolls…healthy and happy.

_MG_7299 (427x640)

Your yummy little baby feet.

_MG_7324 (640x427)

“Hey sister…you got anything for me in there?”

_MG_7444 (427x640) _MG_7560 (427x640) _MG_7624 (427x640) _MG_7842 (427x640) _MG_8096 (427x640) _MG_8224 (427x640) _MG_8410 (427x640) _MG_8632 (427x640) _MG_8721 (427x640) _MG_8785 (427x640) _MG_8940 (427x640) _MG_9243 (427x640)

I hope you have the best 2nd birthday ever and can’t wait to celebrate with our little family!

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  1. Happy 2nd Birthday, little Liam! Grandma Bev hopes you have a very special day. You are so perfect in every way. I hope you have a wonderful birthday and most of all you have LOTS of fun and presents! Your parents have done a very fitting tribute to your cuteness. I love you so much!

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