Rain, Hairbows and Quail

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This my friends is my adorable little girl enjoying the rain.  We get rain like twice a year here in the desert.  We celebrate it like it’s Christmas.  The kids were so excited it was raining, so we got our swimsuits on and venture outside.  AND it was only 77 degrees outside…let me remind you that it’s August :-)

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My little man in all of his adorableness.  I don’t know if this summer is not as hot as others or if we’re acclimated now (been here over 7 years), but we have been outside every night this summer.  It is wonderful and something I could get used to.

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She loves riding bike and has been begging me to take off her training wheels.  She’s 4.  I’d love to try and teach her that, but I’m livin’ large these days and the hubby has been working overtime like a madman.  Pretty sure we need to get lots of knee/elbow/wrist wraps and a new helmet before we tackle that one.  Hopefully soon though.

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This will be the only motorcycle he’s allowed to ride as long as he’s living under my roof.  Is he not the cutest?!

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These two are such little hams and have so much fun together.  I am so thankful to have kids close in age that can play together and enjoy each other’s company.  (We’ll pretend that there is never any fighting or tattling…of course they’re perfect.)

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So beautiful.

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We are always pulling the little “leaves” from the trees and putting them in buckets.  #cheapentertainment

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She loves to wear this hair bow I got her from the clearance rack at Hobby Lobby (it was like 10 cents).  I love her creativity and am so proud of her free spirit.  I definitely encourage her to pick out her own clothes and dress how she feels comfortable.  You know how people save clothes to wear only for “special occasions”?  I’ve learned that life is too short and why buy something that is going to sit in the closet forever and go outdated.  Let’s all wear fancy hair bows, shall we?

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He actually napped for me last week…praise Jesus.  He woke up and immediately says, “Eat. Eat.”  Just like his momma…needs food when he wakes up.  We all know that if I get hungry and don’t eat, a whole bunch-a hangry is going to come out.  He’s the same way.

_MG_0812 (1280x853)_MG_0814 (1280x853)

I captured some pics of these quail in our backyard.  Since we’ve moved out of the city, we get to see more wildlife out here.  I am seriously afraid of birds, but these little guys were afraid of me too, so I didn’t run like a chicken (like I could anyway…I’m in the waddling-stage of pregnancy).

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The kids and I enjoyed a nice pancake breakfast on Sunday morning.  Love me some good, fluffy pancakes.  Wish the hubby could have joined us, but all in due time.  How was your weekend?

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