We’ve Finally Been Framed…in a Good Way

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You know how long I’ve had roughly 30 picture frames laying on my dining room table?  Over a year.  Sad.  We all know that life gets in the way and there’s not enough time, but seriously, over a year?  These things laid there collecting dust and Lord knows what else.  I’d have to move them to clean the table, push them aside to make room.  Apparently it wasn’t that big of a priority for me.  I notice that I’m great at taking pictures, but horrible at getting pictures printed and up on the wall or in an album.  Since the world has gone all digital on us, it’s not that easy to push a button and drop your film off at the photo development store.  You have to take the pics, load them to your computer, edit them, blah, blah, blah.  It’s a rather drawn out process.  I’m definitely not complaining about the quality of photos because it’s like night and day, but the process is just lengthy.  I think I’ve printed all of 4 photos since my son was born and that was almost 2 years ago.  I told myself that I would finish his baby book before #3 came along…glad I’m not holding my breath :-)

It took about 2 hours to lay out the frames how I wanted them.  I had to…


lay out and arrange the frames on the floor to be sure I liked the layout before putting hundreds of nails in the wall.  Then I had to…


trace templates of the frames…


tape the templates to the wall, hold the frame up to the wall to figure out where to hammer the nail (I used the toothpaste method, see here), hammer the nail and finally hang the frame.  I also didn’t have a hanger on the back of one of the frames, so I used a pop top and hot glue gunned it to the back of the frame.  (NOTE:  It was a small frame, if the frame is larger, you might want to screw the pop top in as indicated here.)  The frames didn’t have any pictures in them when I hung them on the wall either, so that would be another process.  I had to sort through pictures and figure out which ones I wanted to use. Don’t worry, I didn’t overwhelm myself by tackling this all at once.  It took me about a month.  Oh well, all is said and done and I can now enjoy my gallery wall…even though the frames can be straightened a dozen times a day, any little knock on the wall will cause them to go crooked.  Good thing I like imperfect ;-)

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UPDATE:  If you didn’t see my last post, we’ll hopefully be moving in less than a month.  So, the frames were hung for about 3 months and now I must take them all down.  Good thing I like decorating and redecorating…this bothers me none ;-)

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