Packing, Playing, Harvesting…A Weekend Full of Busyness

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The calendar tells me it’s July 1st.  It really is true…the older you get, the faster time seems to go.  Even though the days may drag on at times, the actual years seem to just fly by.  My hubby and I have lived in Phoenix for just over 7 years.  We rented the first year and have been in our current home for 6 years.  We just found out on Friday that we’ll be moving into our 2nd home in July!  I just love finding out such great news on a Friday, otherwise we I probably would’ve spent the entire weekend just thinking about it and waiting for some news on Monday.  This home will allow us to live in a family-friendly neighborhood, have more square footage, a huge backyard and we’ll be in an awesome school district.  We couldn’t be more thrilled.  It’s going to be a lot of work to get all moved out of this place (especially since I’ll be 32 weeks preggo), but we what can I say???  We like chaos ;-)

We did a whole lot of looking around for a washer/dryer/fridge this weekend.  We ended up buying a gas dryer, which I’ve never used in my life.  It’s really no different than an electric, but apparently it’s cheaper to run and better for the environment – SCORE!  We also got it half off because there was a small dent in the lower left corner.  I couldn’t even find it to be honest.  The hubby has also started to collect boxes and even got a lot of the garage packed up.  We’ve sold tons of stuff on Craigslist already and are hoping to make this a nice, smooth move.  Let’s pray it is :-)


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Since it does get so hot outside during the day, we really can’t play out there because heat stroke is so dangerous and I’d rather not risk it.  So, we spend evenings out in the backyard playing in the water table.  (Water + Dawn Dish Soap = Classy Family Fun.)  The kids have a blast and it’s nice to just sit down, relax and watch them interact with each other.  Kids are too cute at this age (4 and almost 2).  I just love how they talk to each other and really understand each other.  Sure there is a lot of fighting/crying, but they learn to work it out themselves after you ignore let them.  I’ve learned a great deal of patience after having the second bambino.  I think you have to or you might go insane.  You peeps with kids know what I’m talkin’ about.

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Allison no longer likes to pose for “professional” shots that I take every year.  She decided to dress up on Friday for “her wedding”, thus I decided to snap a few casual shots just so a year doesn’t go by and I wasn’t able to get any pics.

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The lighting/background aren’t too great in this pic, but boy did I capture that laugh and smile that just melts me to pieces.

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This is the last one she would let me take and this is the “ok, last one mom” look.  I was playing with Photoshop and thought it looked kind of cute to mute the colors a bit.

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We also harvested some of the garden on Sunday.  Let me tell you, this is probably the first and last time we’ll be trying to grow carrots in the garden.  The ground is just too hard and the carrots are very tiny.  Allison and the hubby thought they tasted great, but they were bitter to me.  Liam carried his off into the pantry to proceed and do his “business”.  He returned the carrot to me and didn’t even bite into it.  Great times with a toddler ;-)

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We also harvested some corn.  3 ears from 4 plants to be exact.  Gosh, at this rate, we’ll be able to set up at the Farmer’s Market in no time.

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We’ll end with this pic.  Love my man and how comical he is.  Lots of laughs at our house :-)  How was your weekend?

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  1. Everyone sure looks like they are having fun with the produce and the bubbles. What else is there to do on a blistering HOT evening…I hear water calling! I had 4 new windows put in today on the front of the house! One project finished, yeah! Both of you will be having your hands full when it comes time to move and all. I’m volunteering with registration for the 4th of July Road Race in Mandan, then on to Art in the Park. It’s my second year and I love it. Kristi and her friend will be running this year…I hope I get to see them. Have a great week!

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