Happy Hump Day!

We’ve been doing a whole lot of packing for the move lately, so I figured a much deserved break from that and time to enjoy the kiddos.  It’s been in the low 100’s, but the humidity is ridiculous b/c of monsoon season…and yet it never rains.  I can handle extreme heats, but the humidity is not my friend.  Hello ponytails :-)


IMG_20130713_185647 IMG_20130714_142712

On Saturday, we took the kids to the pet store to enjoy ‘Adoption Day’.  (AND no, we did not bring home any new furry little creatures ;-) )

IMG_20130714_144016 IMG_20130714_144035 IMG_20130714_144636

We then stopped at the Learning Store and the kiddos had a blast playing with all the pretend items.  Even though we have most of this stuff at home, it’s apparently more fun to play with it at the store.  They did not want to leave.

IMG_20130714_145539 IMG_20130716_165320

Yesterday, I took the kids to B&N to play with the trains. Afterwards, we headed outdoors to watch the fountain and just relax.  I don’t even know that it hit 100 here yesterday…it was nice for a change.  Let’s hope the good weather stays with us for the move next week! Happy Hump Day…how’s your week?  If you’re having a crummy-sort-of week, this commercial should definitely cheer you up…it does me every time :-)



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  1. It looks like the kids had fun staying cool and spending time with Mom and Dad to boot! I hope moving week won’t too hot for you. Everyone is going to have a blast in their new home. Enjoy!

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