Goodbye Green?

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This is my kids’ bathroom, which is also our guest bathroom.  I painted it 6 years ago when we first moved into our abode.  I was in love with sage green.  I still like the color, but I feel this bathroom is a little dingy now.  Really, I like the bottom color better than the top, so possibly just paint the top a different color?  OR Switch everything?

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The vanity was painted by the previous owners and could definitely use a new coat of paint.  I’m thinking gray, which means the green would have to go.   I’m definitely not a fan of the floral-y/seashell-y decor on the doors, but we tried to take it off and I’m pretty sure it would permanently damage the doors.  It’s definitely stuck on there for good…yey for the Golden Girls, boo for me.  At the same time, if I painted it gray, I’m at a loss for what color to paint the walls.  I like the chair rail, so that would stay.  This means, I’d have to come up with two colors for the wall.  Sigh…first world problems decisions, decisions.

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The medicine cabinet trim was gold, but we (by me, I mean the hubby…I was preggo with #2 at the time, preggo with #3 now…am I always preggo??) spray-painted it a brushed nickel/silver color.  It has lasted 2 years and some of the gold is starting to show through where we open it with our hands.  The trim on the bottom of the mirror was also spray-painted, but it’s holding up really well.  It’s a cheap/easy way to get rid of the gold.  I’d like to frame the mirror, but will first need to decide whether or not to change the wall color and the vanity color.  We replaced the sink faucet about a year ago…it was 2-toned and not doing it for me.

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This is kind of a blah pic, but it shows the shower curtain in all its stripeyness.  So, at this point I’m just not sure what I’m ‘feeling’ for this room.  Any and all suggestions welcome..except for kid-themed bathrooms…I’m just not a fan :-)

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