Consistency and Confessions



For the past several nights, the kids have been waking up at 2am and 5am…not cool.  I haven’t figured out why the 2am, but the 5am is because the sun is coming up and apparently my children have inherited their father’s gene about only being able to sleep in pitch black.  I’m annoyed.  We have blackout curtains, blackened screens, the whole nine really.  BUT if even the littlest amount of light shines in, they wake up.  I have a feeling this is some sort of training program for me when baby #3 joins us in just 4 short months ;)  At least they’re consistent with 2am and 5am.


I confess, I ate a chicken sandwich from unsaid restaurant at 9:30pm last night.  It was a craving.  I caved.  I should really learn to get over it, but instead I dwell over the thought of those extra calories (all 470)…and not healthy calories either.  Oh well, let it go Lisa…let it go.  I will live, life will go on, I know.  It gets kinda silly in that head of mine sometimes.  Instead of taking the day off the treadmill, I got on and did my usual 3 miles.  I also chose to eat oatmeal for breakfast.  See?  All is turning around already.  (Like this little pep talk I give to myself?)  And besides, I chase around 2 monkeys all day and today is going to be a whip-this-place-into-shape kinda day, so that helps too.  I’m sure that sandwich had something to do with it being fuel for me to have the energy to get up both those times in the middle of the night.  Am I still talking about this?!

Oh and on another note, I think I have to convince myself to get Lasik after I’m done having babies.  It’s hard getting up in the middle of the night and not being able to see what you’re doing.  Sure, I could reach for my glasses and put those on, but then I get this thought of “if I can see better, it will probably take me longer to fall back asleep…so I best not put them on”.  Does anyone else do this?

Happy Hump Day!  (Sorry for the poor quality phone pics…it happens :-) )

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