Easter Recap and A Bacon/Pea Salad Recipe

I hope everyone had a Happy Easter this year!  IMG_3270

A couple of weeks ago, we took the kids to the annual Easter egg hunt in our community.  They look forward to this every year and have such a wonderful time.


This girl is part monkey.  If she’s not climbing on something or doing gymnastics, she’s probably asleep.

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There is always a fire truck for the kids to see and each kid gets a fire fighter badge sticker.

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Look at those smiles.  They are thrilled.


Every year, I chop down the biggest tree I can find trim a branch off one of the trees in our backyard and the kids and I make an Easter tree.  I usually spray paint it white, but this year I was lazy opted for simpler times.  I must say though, the green actually looks quite natural and nice.

_MG_4198 (1280x853)

In years past, the kids would always wake me and the hubby up before looking for their Easter baskets.  This is the first year that they were up before us and didn’t make a peep.  They all found their baskets and had dug in before we came down at 9:30am, which means no video of them looking for baskets this year.  Sigh.  BUT, I must say, sleeping in until 9:30am hasn’t happened in this house in a looooong time.  So, I’m pretty much over the video.

_MG_4200 (1280x853)

Oh peas.

_MG_4203 (1280x853)

We I made the typical ham, mashed potatoes and fruit salad for Easter lunch/dinner.  I also decided to make a new recipe:  Easy Bacon Pea Salad (recipe here).  It’s pretty amazing.  Just mix the ingredients in a bowl, stir, chill and devour.  I went a little heavy on the onions and it was a tad potent, but all that calmed down the day after all the flavors had a chance to blend.  Does anyone else love the way cold peas pop in your mouth?

_MG_4204 (1280x853)

So, there ya have it.  Another Easter in the books.  Until next time, you can catch me eating Heath bars and watching Netflix like both went out of style.

Our Adventures in Apple Puking…I mean Picking

Happy Wednesday!  Hope you week is going well!  I thought I’d share some pics of our recent trip to Sedona, AZ.  First of all, let me begin by saying we started off with a bang because we forgot a blanket to have our picnic on and I forgot to bring my swanky camera to take amazing pics.  I’m normally a list maker, but somehow I thought it wouldn’t be necessary for this day trip.  Lesson learned.  So, please enjoy the stellar pics taken through the van window.  You’re welcome.IMG_1100

My middle child has been BEGGING to go apple picking for what seems like forever.  I’m pretty sure he got the idea from that wonderful Caillou boy he sees on TV.  No matter how much I can’t stand the show, there are some pretty good adventures in there and my kids seem to want to do them all.  Next we’ll try playing ringette.  Anyone remember that episode?

IMG_1107 IMG_1110 IMG_1111 IMG_1112 IMG_1113 IMG_1114

There are some very winding roads on the way up to Sedona, which I never had a problem with until I had children.  Now I do all I can to keep my breakfast down.  Bleh.


The hubby doesn’t understand it.  He thinks I’m nuts and making it all up.  Yes, that’s it.  I just love car rides so much that I want you to drive slower because I enjoy it.  NO.  Going slower helps me from hurling all over your lap sweet cheeks.

IMG_1116 IMG_1117 IMG_1122 IMG_1125 IMG_1128

The red rocks are lovely, aren’t they?

IMG_1129 IMG_1135

I was in such awe of the beautiful trees over the road.  So peaceful.


IMG_1139 IMG_1141

YEY!  Almost to Slide Rock State Park to pick our apples!  In fact, just after this sign, cars were backed up to get into the Park, so we were nearing a slow down.  All of a sudden I hear a noise behind me.  I turned around and see my third born tossing cookies.  No, he wasn’t playing cookie monster and throwing them in his mouth.  I’m talking all out vomitus maximus.  He was literally tossing his cookies because that’s what he had eaten just minutes before. If you know me at all, I can’t handle vomit.  Give me all of the poo in the world, but you can have the vomit.

I’m pretty sure this is the worst case scenario too because we were in a van…without a change of clothes…no towels/blankets…NOTHING.  I’m pretty sure I used about fifty baby wipes to “clean” it up, which left me with about twenty.  I might have said a prayer in hopes that no one would crap their pants or upchuck the rest of this trip.

Are you picturing this yet?  It’s not like he hurled out the window or anything.  No.  It’s in his car seat, which has straps and belts and crevasses up the wazoo.   And man alive, we all know what “it” smells like, don’t we?  We’ve washed the car seat and everything several times and I just feel like the smell is still there.  Maybe it’s just burned in my nose?  I don’t know.  I also have the song “That Smell” by Lynyrd Skynyrd stuck in my head.  That can stay, but the smell must go.


They’re all just so cute (even though the littlest smells like stomach rot…poor baby :-( ). Once we got to the park, I did my best to “wash” his clothes with the soap they had in the bathroom, which thankfully I did right away because later in the day the soap was gone.


unnamed (6)

IMG_1146 IMG_1147 IMG_1149 IMG_1150 IMG_1151 IMG_1153 IMG_1154 IMG_1155 IMG_1156 IMG_1157

unnamed (2)

I was still intoxicated by the fumes and wasn’t sure where I was or what I was doing.  Actually, I was secretly hoping that the youngest child would fall into some animal dung to help cover up the other smell.  Y’all poke fun, but trust me…you weren’t there.


See…I still love ya little man!  (PS – Holding my breath.)

IMG_1160 IMG_1161 IMG_1163

I’ve already made an apple crisp and a pie is next on the list.  I’m dying to try a caramel apple pie.  Has anyone had it before?  Good?  If so, please share a recipe!

IMG_1165 IMG_1166 IMG_1167 IMG_1168

unnamed (4)


The fields were COVERED in cockaburs.  Let’s just say that in addition to the blanket, camera, and change of clothes, and kitchen sink, we should’ve worn socks and shoes. Looks like daddy remembered.  Hmph.


LOVE these guys!!  Insert hashtag blessed.


unnamed (3)

IMG_1172 IMG_1173

I was quality control.  What he put in, I took out.  Sorry buddy, we don’t need ones with worms.


unnamed (5)


He loved picking up the apples from the ground and tossing them like a bowling ball down the hill.

IMG_1177 IMG_1178 IMG_1179 IMG_1180 IMG_1181

The views at Slide Rock were absolutely stunning.

IMG_1182 IMG_1183 IMG_1184

We will definitely plan on going in the summer next time because the water was freezing (52 degrees).  Although, the locals said it’s really not much warmer in the summer.  I’m sure they tell all of us visitors that just to keep it for themselves.  We’ll be back.



unnamed (14)

My two little rock climbers!

IMG_1186 IMG_1187

The machine on the right is an old apple sorter (replica) from long ago.

IMG_1188 IMG_1190

We got free ice cream cones because they felt bad for us and all of the vomit.  Just kidding.


I would have to say our trip was a success because we came for apples and we left with apples.  Other than that, you couldn’t pay me enough to repeat the drive up here.  Let’s just say that for all of our future endeavors, I will be going overboard and packing everything but the kitchen sink.  Just you watch.

Yours truly,

Vomit Van Survivor

P.S. – It used to be called the ‘Milk and Piss’ Van because I would always end up nursing the littlest in there and my middle would never pee in public restrooms, so we tote around a little porta potty.  We’re past both of those stages in life now, so it only seems appropriate that a new name come along.  Besides, we did hit 100,000 miles on her a couple of weeks ago.  I just wish it could’ve been something other than vomit.  Livin’ the dream folks and making memories along the way!

Ode to Fall…and A Bit of Randomness

unnamed (7)

This little nugget turned 2 last week!  I still remember birthing the 10lb 2.5oz lad like it was yesterday.

unnamed (3)

I’m sure everyone knows who the annoying as all heck Caillou is.  I let my first born watch him a couple of times, until she started to talk baby talk like he does and then I banned it for a loooong time.  My middle child was introduced to it at age 3 and was only allowed to watch it if I needed to get something done.  (Yes, I bribed him.)  Now to the third child. Listen up here ladies and gents.  By the time the third child arrives, you just don’t really give a crap any more give in and let them get away with whatever because you’re already going gray and would rather listen to that annoying little cartoon voice than a crying child any day of the week.  The End.  Signed ~ Searching for Sanity.

The kids have been begging to go bowling for a while now and we decided to do just that one Friday afternoon.  We had so much fun and we’ll definitely be going again!  They are seriously the cutest.  Love them.

unnamed (6)

Some days 5 o’clock in the pm at our house looks like this.

unnamed (1)

I am so glad that Fall is here because that means soups and stews in the slow cooker. Although, I don’t think AZ got the memo because it hit 105 here yesterday and is supposed to be 107 today.

unnamed (2)

I love to read, but don’t get a chance to do it near as much as I used to and it’s taken me like 3 weeks to read 100 pages in ‘Gone Girl’.  I’ve been dying to see the movie, but wanted to read the book first.  It’s due back at the library this Saturday and I have very little faith that I’ll finish it.  So far the book is right up my alley, but I guess the movie will have to do.

unnamed (5)

I like to collect globes and this is my most recent purchase.  I really want to put it on the bookcases in my living room, but the problem is that they’ve been sitting in my garage for about, oooh 9 months now, waiting to be sanded and painted.  I wasn’t able to work on them over the summer because the temp is too high to do any sort of painting out there.  I plan to use the spray gun.  It will be my first time and I’m a little nervous.  Wish me all the luck!

unnamed (8)

Sugar cones.  Aren’t they the best?  I’ll take mine with Peppermint Wonderland ice cream please.

unnamed (12)

I got these puppies in the mail yesterday – woot!  My old running shoes were about 6 months past due.  I can’t wait to try these out.  Although, to be honest, I haven’t been running for a couple of weeks now.  Boo.  I’ve just been so focused on house projects that I haven’t put in the time to workout.  I best get my rear in gear though because I’m running another half marathon (see my first one here) in January.

unnamed (11)

I made some of Linguini with Shrimp Scampi last night for dinner and it’s pretty much my new favorite.  If you love lemon, garlic and shrimp…you’ll love this.  It’s pretty quick and easy to make too.  Recipe found here.

unnamed (10)

Who’s ready for an awkward photo?!  Look at me and the hubby standing tall and proud next to our HUGE new tree.  So proud of our $23 Lowe’s purchase.  Lolz.  We plan on taking a photo every year until it’s 50 feet tall.  I’m sure you all cannot wait.

Anywho, that’s what we’ve been up to.  Happy Wednesday!