It’s the Weekend!

Goodwill Donation

1.  Started off the week by cleaning house and clearing out closets.  Gathered TONS of stuff to donate to Goodwill – woot!

Bird Houses

2.  Had a crafternoon with the kiddos and let them paint birdhouses.


3.  I had a 10pm craving for fudge dipped peanut butter oreos.  I’ve never had them before, but resisted the urge to buy them earlier in the day.  Needless to say, the craving was strong and the hubby went out to get them for me…love him :)

_MG_0523 (1280x853)

4.  I made these ‘Pancake Squares’ for breakfast one morning…taste just like pancakes.  I added banana to the recipe (here).  Top with cinnamon/sugar and syrup…so simple and so good.

_MG_0567 (1280x853)

4.5  I’ve started to reupholster the dining room chairs.  1 down, 7 to go…this could take a while :-)

_MG_0521 (853x1280)

5.  Baby cuddles are the best.  This picture makes my heart smile and melt :-)

Linking up with Lauren Elizabeth today!  How was your week?

7 Replies to “It’s the Weekend!”

  1. Hi Lisa,
    I can see why you love taking pics! The one with with Liam and Jesse napping would warm anyone’s heart! Love it! The crafternoon looks like fun!
    We planted more garden items this last week: tomatoes, peas, cucumbers, kale, beets, carrots. We got a late start with the planting but we should be OK.

    1. Glad you got your garden in! I pulled all of the corn after I talked to you. We only got 3 good ears out of 4 and will have them for supper tomorrow. I’ll let you know how they taste :)

      1. Let me know how they taste. Three ears should taste absolutely wonderful as there is nothing like fresh corn. I used to grow a few stalks myself but at the end of the season, it got to be a problem with what to do with the stalks. Farmer’s market time!

  2. I’ll have to try to pancake squares sometime. They look wonderful and delish!
    Kristi and I went to the new BisMarket farmer’s organic market on Saturday. I purchased 2 slices of orange basil biscotti. They were OK but I won’t be buying anymore. Just didn’t care for them. Kristi purchased some alfalfa sprouts, rhubarb stalks and organic eggs. We both purchased a CD (for $5. ea) featuring “hand pan” music. The instruments he was playing looked like upside down hand hammered woks (he had 2 and he played them like drums using his fingers) and the music sounded like spa music. Very relaxing to say the least!

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